Paperblog 15 Best xbox one Adventure Games You must Play

15 Best Xbox one Adventure Games You must Play 2020

games can be played on many platforms,  but the Xbox one gives you more colorful more realistic experience in gaming.  play an adventure game in the Xbox One really make you feel like you are in the game. there are a lot of adventure games on Xbox One,  but you can select best one from  here. these are the updated 15 all-time best adventure games you can experience in Xbox one. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

The sinking city

The sinking city is a third-person, action/adventure horror game. this is one of the best games published by bigben interactive and developed by frogwares. in this game The story arises around a private investigator Charles W reeds and during his investigation, he unexpectedly bogged down with a mysterious unrelenting flood in Oakmont. he will have to face many life-threatening incidents and even has to fight with mysterious creatures from another world. The player can use weapons and other tools too.

Batman telltale series

The game is based on the Batman character who was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.this is a point and click adventure game developed and published by telltale games. Though this game is going over the character of batman it is not related to any of the comics, films, or games existing.

According to the plot, this game begins after several years of the main role Bruce Wayne decided to become Batman. The player can change the superhero like Batman or Wayne according to the situation. as to the other games of telltale’s actions, investigations and even detective qualities of Batman can be used in the game, as a new feature, “crowd play” includes here. With that, you can allow an audience to see you play the game and they can give tips and join in the decision-making process.there are five series of the game.

Red dead redemption2

This is an action-adventure game released for Xbox one and playstation4.this is the third entry of the red dead series, which has been developed and published by rockstar games.

the plot of the game existing over the fictional areas of Western, Midwestern and southern united state.

The game runs with the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang. the game has narrated the period of the time when Arthur escapes from the government forces, rival gangs and other adversaries against includes shoot outs, horseback ridings, heists, hunting and also the player can interact with non-player characters too.

Life is strange

This is a graphic adventure game with five episodes periodically added. This was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The game runs throughout an 18-year-old girl called Max Caulfield who is studying photography.

strangely she gets to know that she has the ability to rewind the time. With the magical ability, she had to see a storm that is going to destroy the city she lives in. The game covers the adventure of the girl who is going to rescue her city from the storm. the game featured with puzzle making, fetching quests and branching choices.

Sea of thieves

In this sea pirates game, you can experience a real pirate feeling with a solo or companion game with other up to four more players. this is an action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios.

the game displays a cartoonish art and this is a first-person perspective game. the game overall shows a sea pirate traveling over an open world and there are firing cannons, steering, hoisting sails and so on.

Night in the woods

This is a single-player adventure game developed by infinite fall and published by Fiji, secret lab.the plot of the game based on a young lady Margeret(mae) and she dropped out from her school and returning her home and the adventure begins with a scene which Margaret sees unexpectedly one day and the story flows on with adventurous scenes.

Lego city undercover

This is an action-adventure game developed by TT fusion. The game hero is a police officer named Chase McCain. The adventure begins with the request of the mayor of the lego city to find out the crime wave around the city.

the cope can move in various ways to catch the criminal in the game. wall jumps, swinging over, even chase can pilot helicopters, cars in the game. other characters also get into the game throughout the play by unlocking the end of the game, there will be a bonus mission too.

Sherlock Holmes: crimes and punishments

This is an adventure mystery video game developed by forwards and published by focus home interactive.the story of the game inspired by the novel series of the author Arthur Conan Doyle.main game is based on exploring the crime and searching for clues to find the real culprit. Sherlock Holmes plays the hero character in the game and Dr. John Watson and constable Marrow briefly playable.

Fire watch

The character plays the game is a fire lookout named henry. the adventure begins after Henry realized that his tower has been robbed by a mysterious characterized by henry and the supervisor. This game is a mysterious adventure game developed by camp Santo and published by panic.

State of mind

This is a kind of sci-fi can experience the future situation in a realistic way. As a player or the character Richard Nolan you can experience the real global conspiracy in the near future.all the plot based on the Berlin, in 2048.

polluted air, water and illnesses and crimes wars and the Roberts which are replaced the human can be experienced by the player Richard after suddenly waken up by an explosion in the hospital.this is an adventurous sci-fi game developed and published by Daedalic company.


This is a sandbox game created by Swedish developer Markus Persson.this is a most influential game all the time. the characters in this game build up the world by cultivating resources themselves. even they fight with the players in the same world. Here the heroes have to fight with the PC controlled enemies.

Oxen free

The player Alex is a girl who is on a trip with her friend facing a supernatural incidence in an island and the adventure begins with the finding out of the mystery around there.alex and her friends face a lot of mysterious occasions, the game is based on a walk and talk mechanism. the puzzle solving makes the game run forward while opening doors and furthermore.

The occupation

This is a single-player game cast in an on a one government building. the player is a journalist who fights against an act which has been established by the British government. The player can affect the storyline in any way. though the player stays still the game runs forward without any effort. the game developed by white paper games and published by the humble bundle.

Sherlock Holmes: the devil’s daughter

Like in the crimes and punishments the story of the game flows with exploring the crimes and examining the clues. the clues going to hang on the deduction board. the same criteria used in the game as in the crimes and punishment.the same fogweare developers work and published by bigben interactive.

What remains of Edith finch

This is also a mysterious adventure game that goes around the character Edith finch.the the last root of the finch family, faces the mysterious death of other family members and the story goes on with so many suspicious events with adventurous steps. giant sparrow has developed the game and Annapurna interactive has published this family mystery game.


so now you can select one of these best Xbox adventure games and play as you wish without dreaming of the childhood adventures we played while accepting the threatenings of mom.