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Latest Tips – Top 10 xbox 360 Fighting Games Must Play In #2021

/ / Latest Tips – Top 10 xbox 360 Fighting Games Must Play In #2021
For every gamer, the process of choosing the best games for themselves is really crucial and finding the best game to play is no less than a blessing. Today this article is fully dedicated to Xbox lovers, and we are gonna tell you about the 10 best Xbox 360 fighting games.
Take a look at the article why these Xbox 360 fighting games are best and why you should invest your time and energy into them. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

1. BlazBlue: continuum shift

BlazBlue: continuum shift it one of the best Xbox 360 fighting games that you will love if you are a beginner or even you are pro. What will you love about BlazBlue is its beautiful graphics and many many features that are enough to keep you hooked for hours.
Another thing that you will like about this game is it’s set of quirkiest characters that make this game ten times more interesting. Blue blaze has a total of 3 modes, for starters, you will get branching story mode for every player and it’s a lot of fun to play along with a storyline.
Extensive training options will get you a chance to unleash your fighting skills and improve yourself as a fighter. Local matches are the most interesting feature where you can play against your friends and show off your fighting skills.

2. Injustice- Gods among us

If you are a DC superhero fan you will just love this Xbox 360 fighting game, Injustice- gods among us has taken Batman vs superman fight to the next level.  You will love the 3d environment and the best experience with intuitive gameplay.
Here you are gonna find out lots of cool locations like Batcave and the fortress of solitude. There will be lots of fighting moves which won’t get you bored and not to forget you will witness a lot of cool characters.

3. Tekken 6

If you are a true hammer then you must have heard about the Tekken series and you must have played a bunch of them. But when it comes to best Xbox 360 fighting games, Tekken 6 tops the list and that is why we have listed it on number 3.
Experiment all the cool moves and fighting styles with 40 other characters, it will be really fun to learn each character moves and fighting style and adopt a strategic counter fighting style to defeat the opponent. You will find different game modes too, including challenging your friends, a survival battle where you will have to survive by using your skills of fighting.
Lastly, a practice mode where you can easily learn and practice your fighting skills. Overall Tekken 6 will stand out on your expectations and probably one of the best choices for the Xbox 360 fighting game.

4. Mortal kombat

We just can’t complete our list of best Xbox 360 fighting games without mentioning the iconic mortal combat! People have loved this game since its release and they have witnessed its many many games in this series.
What you will love here it’s intuitive fighting gameplay. If you are a true fighting game lover you will fall in love with it at your first sight because it’s that good. This is best known for its story mode that has won many hearts along with its cool modes that include tag team matches, co-op arcade matches, and so on. Mortal kombat definitely worth a try!

5. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

We challenge you to name a better crossover than superheroes of marvel and capcom series characters! We bet you won’t find anything better than that.
It’s an updated version of its prior released prequel and you will definitely see improvements in the games, fighting styles and story mode. You will surely enjoy the game if you are a marvel fan and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that is on is indeed one of the best Xbox 360 fighting games.

6. Super Streetfighter 4

Can anything be better than streetfighting? Well for fighting game lovers nothing can be better than that fierce streetfighting. And super streetfighter 4 has everything that you have been looking for in an Xbox 360 fighting game.
With lots of crazy moves and stunning gameplay its safe to say that this one will surely win your heart. You will get many attack moves to choose from and lots of exciting fighting moves. So what are you waiting for just go and get super street fighter 4 and play your favorite fighting game on Xbox 360

7. Dead or alive 4

Dead or alive was released back in 2005 and since then it has managed to get massive popularity among its audience and it has made its unique place when it comes to fighting games.
You will definitely have fun while playing this Xbox 360 fighting game. Play its story mode where you can choose any character and get to know his past story along with the progress.

8. Digimon all-star rumble

If you are looking for a fighting game for pre-teens then Digimon all-star ruble is the best choice for that. It’s a light yet a fun fighting game that can be played easily by 10-year-olds, here you will find 12 unique characters that are picked from the show.
The 3d fights are more exciting than ever and the locations are just phenomenal which are picked or inspired from the show. Play the game in different modes, the story mode will get you a close look at their background stories and versus mode will let you challenge your friends.

9. Dragon ball xenoverse

How can we forgot a game that is entirely made for dragon ball fans, you won’t find a better Xbox 360 fighting game than this one if you are a dragon ball fan.  You will find many of the famous characters from the show or you will get an option to create your own customized character. The story of this game is also very interesting where your character will fighting with the two-time travelers who want to change history. Overall its a fun and exciting Xbox 360 fighting game.

10. Fight night champion

Last but not the least fight night champion is a kind of game that you surely wanna add in your collection of Xbox 360 fighting game. We are just gonna say you will be pleased to get this ultimate fighting game so go and get it and find out about its amazing fighting gameplay.
These were the best Xbox 360 fighting game that you would want to play. We promise you, you won’t get disappointed by these games and they are super fun to play.

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