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7 Best Safe Winter Driving Tips #2022

Though we love winters and snow, it feels like a fairytale but winter isn’t that good when it comes to driving. Snow makes everything wonderful around us, drinking hot cocoa milk or coffee near the fireplace seems very nice but it isn’t great when we have to step out of the home. Not just that we don’t wanna leave our cozy and comfortable apartment but also driving in snow is really hard. Every year lots of accident happens because of slippery roads and snowy roads. It’s easy to lose control on a slippery road that may cause you an accident. Just follow some winter driving tips and avoid any unpleasant experience this winter.

1.  Only drive when it’s important
Though you can’t stay at home all the time but avoid driving unnecessarily. It is always safe to avoid driving as roads are never safe during winters. Driving in winters is a big risk which you should avoid as much as possible. Don’t go out unless you have an urgent work or it’s important to step out of the house. In many cities, they usually offer day-offs during a snowy day.

2. Fill up the gas
Make sure your gas tank is full or at least more than half. You may have heard this advice before, but it’s a reasonable thing to do especially in winters. Having less has in your tank may cause freezing gasoline. Your gas isn’t actually frozen but it goes through condensation process in fuel lines and this will stop your car from starting. Having less fuel will also limit the fuel transaction. And it’s also important to keep your tank full in case you are stuck in traffic or you don’t wanna be in the middle of the highway with an empty tank and no one around you to help.

3. Make sure you have all the winter essentials in your car.
The chances of you stall out in a snowy night is so high during winters. You can’t prevent it or it won’t happen with a warning so make sure you have everything you need to survive the low temperature! Some of the must-have things are
Blankets. This may sound a little wired but it’s the most important thing to have in winters if you are stuck in the snow first thing you will need is a blanket that will keep you warm and protect you from the harsh weather.
Hand warmers. If you don’t have gloves or hand warmer you might wanna buy them at next gas station. These are cheap but a blessing in freezing temperature.
Ice scraper. What if your car battery is low or you have run out of your washer fluid, well an ice caller can save you in the snowy day.
First aid kit. First aid kits are essential in every season and we don’t need to tell you its importance! Before stepping out of the house do a quick check and make sure you have a first aid kit in your car.
Pack some snacks. Now it’s clear that the possibility to get stuck in a remote area or traffic or simply in heavy snow is really high. God knows how long you are gonna stuck there so keep pack some food for yourself so you won’t starve in your car. It’s safe to pack a bag or two of none perishable food or some snacks that won’t ruin fast.
Other than these, keep a flashlight and flares in your car too so that you can be located and keep yourself safe in the dark.

4. Check the weather report.
If you are planning a long route or you have drive across the city, then check weather report of your area or wherever you are going. It is important to know the route and be prepared for that. And the weather reports say there are even slight chances of heavy snowing, you should just cancel or postponed the trip. Keep weather apps on your smartphone so that you get weather/snow warning when you are driving. It’s always safe to know the upcoming weather conditions. And no matter what don’t take any warning for granted.

5. Some driving mistakes to avoid!
Either the road is snowy or slippery these are two road scenarios of winters.
Drive slowly. No matter how much in hurry you are to get somewhere on time but its never worth compromising your safety. By driving fast you will boost your chances of losing control over your car and you put your and others’ lives in jeopardy. So keep your speed low whenever you are driving on ice or snow.
Be precautions with your brakes. You should know your car brakes and act accordingly when you are driving. Know how much pressure you should apply on the brakes without losing control. Slow down before a curve and pump your brakes instead of slamming them.
Keep the distance. It is very important to keep the distance so that you can stop whenever it’s necessary to stop.

5. Let your friends and family know.
Let them know where you are going and what route you are taking. It will be easy for them to locate you if something happens with you or your car. Keep your phone with yourself and make sure it is charged sufficiently.

6. Don’t get out of your vehicle.
Remain inside of your car if you struck and keeps your lights on so that people can notice your vehicle from distance and avoid crashing into it. Stop your engine if it’s not necessary to avoid running out of gas.

7. Keep an eye on black ice
It is the curse for drivers to face a black ice as they are hardly noticeable ice layer on the road which gives you the impression of dry ice. That is why it is important to drive slowly and steadily in winters

Every year we witness millions of crashes and thousands of deaths during winters. Don’t take windstorms, snow and these severe weather conditions of winters lightly. If you are not preventive and cautions enough, driving in winter an be fatal. So be safe while driving in the winters.

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