Why the Need for Palm Tree Removal in Sydney

Why the Need for Palm Tree Removal in Sydney #2022

KJ ohYou do not need to go to Hyde Park or the Royal Botanic Garden to see a palm tree. A lot of Australian homes have them. The tree gives off a tropical vibe and adds value to the property. A healthy one will last for years because it is a low-maintenance specie.


But a problematic one is another matter. So sometimes, there is a need for services that do palm tree removal in Sydney and other parts of the country. And the following are the reasons why it is necessary to do so.


The palm tree is diseased.

Companies that do palm tree removal in Sydney are considered a horror story for nature advocates. But one has to understand that trees get sick too, just like people. Palms are susceptible to two diseases in particular. The first is called a sudden crown drop. It comes from a type of fungus that decays the tree from the inside out. It will still look like a healthy tree, but the branches with leaves can suddenly drop.


The second is Palm Borer infestation and caused by a brown beetle. The holes made by the insect can weaken the tree from the inside. In these cases, both trees are a lost cause. It is best to remove them due to their compromised structure. The leaves, branches, and the tree itself can fall on property and person.


Dying foliage can cut utility wires.

The commercial area along Campbell Parade has numerous palm trees on its façade, but if not properly trimmed or removed, it can cause havoc among the Bondi Beach fans. Dying foliage can loosen cables, and can easily cut them down. Live wire or an outage is dangerous to everyone, so regular tree surveying is necessary for the safety of all.


Large roots can damage concrete structures near it.

Palm trees are monocots, so their roots are adventurous. Underneath a mature tree, the roots look like a two-foot ball due to its thick growth. If planted near concrete, then you can expect costly renovations to it regularly since it can lift and damage the floor.


There is a need for new space for a house extension.

A house grows with its owner, so it may need improvements once it reaches a certain age. If a homeowner bought a new car, then he may need to put up a two-car garage. He may have garnered enough budget to renovate a new pool by making it more prominent than before.


Or he may need to add a shed because of the need for additional storage. Whatever the reason, a palm tree might be the one standing in the way.


The tree might fall due to incorrect planting.

Is the palm sapling planted incorrectly? Then there is a chance that it would grow up to be a danger to both property and humans. A plantlet transplanted on the shallow ground will grow above soil. When that happens, the base will not be stable. As the tree grows, the weight will bring it down and fall on anyone or anything that happens to be underneath it.



Whether a tree grows on your lawn or the façade of the Harbourside Shopping Centre, palm tree care is necessary. Indeed, you do not need regular upkeep and maintenance for a single tree. But if one is already inconvenient for you, it’s best to get a professional that does palm tree removal in Sydney.

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