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Why Is It Important to Have an Essay Draft? #2022

Many of us think that creating the essay draft before writing the final paper is just a boring time-consuming thing to do. Yet remind yourself how many times your parents, teachers and other people around you used to tell you about making a draft before writing a project, composition, or any other kind of school assignment. Maybe, it is not really such nonsense to make a draft before doing any assignment, as long as so many people recommend doing it. 


What is more, in some countries the school system requires the students to have a draft notebook for every subject. Those notebooks get checked in addition to the actual assignments. The teachers come out with the mark based on the quality of the task completed and the thinking process of the student, which can be seen in the draft. 


Of course, no-one is forcing you to make a draft, yet let us give you the list of things that the essay draft can help you with as well as some preparatory steps one should make to write the perfect essay. However, if everything we are going to talk about here sounds too much to you and do not feel like you want to do this or your schedule is simply overloaded, you can always go to write my essay for me service like CustomWritings and get the best custom-written paper in the whole white world.



Watching the Arguments

No matter what kind of essay you are about to write, the key to your success is always consistency. This means that all of your arguments need to stand in the right chronological order so that they would make perfect sense and whoever will be reading your essay would just not get lost and get the idea of what you are talking about. This is not always the easiest thing to do from the first attempt, so it is better to get a draft for that.


Watching the Structure

Another vital thing about any kind of essay is watching the structure. You can use the block structure or the chain structure, it is all up to you or your guidelines. No matter which one you choose, you should always be sure that the structure is crystal clear and every aspect you want to mention in your aspect is highlighted. 


Word Count

Speaking of the aspects. Sometimes, among the points you need to write about in your essay there are some that make you really bored, whereas about others you can talk for hours. If you do not take control of this issue, it can lead to imbalanced word count. When using a draft before writing the final paper, this problem can be avoided.


What is more important, one should never forget the introduction and the conclusion of any kind of essay should be no more than 15% (each) of the entire word count.


Before Getting to Write the Essay Draft 

If you already think that what we mentioned before would make you an over-prepared weirdo, you are deeply mistaken as there are many more preparatory steps, apart from the draft, that could help you out with your essay. 


Making Research

This step sounds rather evident. Each and every person is recommended to do research before writing about anything, even if you are an absolute genius in what you are writing about. None of us is perfect as well as our memory, so it is always better to spend a little bit more time to check yourself, just in case. 

If you are not so sure about your knowledge in the field your essay will be referring to, your research should be even more through it. Not only do you need this research to have arguments for the essay, but you also need to understand what exactly are you writing about and to be sure about your knowledge, because if you are not, the readers will sense it and they will not like it.

Besides, making research can also help you out with the right strategy of showing your point in the essay.


Make a Plan

However, to make yourself, even more, safe and secure in terms of your essay, apart from making a draft is making a plan, where you briefly write for yourself what to start with, what to write in the main part, how to finish your essay, etc. It is like your strategy or direction, that will navigate you during writing so that you and your readers would not get lost in your thoughts.


The Essay Draft Checklist before Writing the Final Version of the Essay

We sincerely hope, that we gave you some relevant points to make some preparatory steps before writing an essay and you are just about to take your old all-purpose notebook to begin working on your draft, so let us take one more look on what your draft should involve to help you out with your essay:

  1. Your arguments should be logical, consistent and be placed in the right order;
  2. You need to make sure that the structure of your essay makes perfect sense and answers all the guidelines;
  3. Watch the word count ad make sure that the text is not misbalanced;
  4. Always make a research about the issue you will be writing about and a plan.


This was our view on the matter of making the essay drafts, we very much hope that it was helpful. Tell what do you think about it and what are your golden expert tips to make a world-win essay in the comments down below. Good luck!

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