Perfect Giveaway for Your Brand Promotion

5 Reasons Why Compendiums Are the Perfect Giveaway for Your Brand Promotion #2022

An excellent way to boost the prestige of your company and increase your brand awareness is by giving away branded promotional products during corporate meetings, business conferences, product launches, trade shows, or other eventful occasions. And amongst the many giveaway choices, compendiums are one of the most popular.


Promotional compendiums serve as a practical and handy accessory for corporate employees where they can keep their essential office items. This article gives you a walkthrough on what makes compendiums the perfect giveaway for your brand marketing campaign.


Made of decent quality materials

Custom branded compendiums can be made of several types of quality materials, including microfiber, PVC, calfskin, and leather. Business owners can choose any of these materials when ordering the compendiums to fit the circumstances of their target audience.

Compendiums made with imitation leather have also become more popular over the years. It uses a combination of PVC plastics and fabric to give a finishing that is almost identical to genuine leather.


Increase your company’s reputation and reach

Giving away a decent quality product gives clients a sense of importance, value, and appreciation. Hence, boosting the company’s prestige in the eye of the target clients. Securing the company’s logo on the compendium further increases the chances of the company to be presented in the public’s eyes for as long as the recipients use the product.


Companies can choose to use several logo-imprinting methods to place their brands’ logos, such as pad printing and full-color plastisol transfer.


Classy and elegant

Compendiums made of high-quality materials exude professional and chic atmosphere, which high-ranking people in business would surely love. These promotional compendiums also provide a soft and pleasant feel to the touch. Distributing such a regal-looking product would leave a great impression on the target audience and place the company several steps ahead of their competitions.


Offers various functions

Compendiums serve as a practical organizer and handy bag which is ideal for holding standard office supplies, such as pens, notebooks, calculators, and even mobile devices.


Some compendium suppliers also allow business owners to customize their branded compendiums to include additional features for special needs, such as creating compendiums with extra protection for Ipad or shrinking them into wallet size to fit the pocket.


Other personalization options and features include ring binders, A-4 or A-5 compendiums, and retractable handles which make the compendiums look similar to a briefcase.


During a conference or sales event, a branded compendium that is neatly equipped with documents and stationery which are part of the attendee requirements would provide additional value to the audience.


Stand the test of time

High-quality compendiums, such as those made of leather, can be quite costly but are dust-resistant, breathable, durable, and can last for a long time. Hence, prolonging the marketing potentials of the promotional products.


Giving away promotional products with your company’s logo is a great marketing strategy that allows your company to be in front of more prospective clients. While there are a lot of choices when it comes to promotional merchandise, choosing custom branded compendiums as your giveaways can give you several benefits.


Some of the advantages of using compendiums as your promotional product include allowing you to have a high-quality, long-lasting promotional item, offers esteemed value for your target audience and help to boost your company’s prestige.

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