Why a Tree is a Perfect Gift – Gift Of Nature #2022

Why a Tree is a Perfect Gift

What do you think of when you want to buy people a gift? Of course, you want your recipients to like your gift, but how? You may want it to mean something for the people. Not only do you want the gift to come off as thoughtful, but you may also want to be practical. You want your recipients to have use for your gift.

Every time your recipients use your gift, they may think of you, which can put you closer to their hearts. Some things that many would consider to gift others include appliances, notebooks, clothes, or accessories. All these are good and quite useful. However, have you ever considered gifting a plant? You may be thinking of a cute succulent or flowering plant that people can keep by the window or at the corner of their desk. What about a whole tree? Think of the implication long enough and you may find yourself wanting to gift a tree.


Why Gift a Tree?

Trees are important, and people have known this since they were kids. Trees are fundamental pillars in creating and maintaining a healthy environment. Not only do they provide oxygen, but they also filter the air, improving its quality and helping combat air pollution. According to the European Environment Agency, a full-grown tree will absorb more than 48 lbs (~22.8 kg) from the air and release oxygen in exchange.


Aside from benefiting the air, trees also help the ground. The roots can reach deep into the soil and hold it in place. This feature can keep the soil from eroding. Moreover, since the trees absorb the water from the soil, they lower runoff and sediments from storms. This effect keeps possibly harmful chemicals from leaching into bodies of water and also prevents flooding.


With such value, why would you gift a tree? We erect statues and monuments for famous people. These statues only stand in place with no other purpose but to remind those that see the statues. When you gift a tree, it is like giving people their landmark, but beneficial for the environment. The luster of statues and monuments can fade because of the elements, but a tree can endure. It grows, and as it does, it becomes tougher, withstanding heavy rainfall and powerful winds. Who wouldn’t want something that can withstand the tests of time and nature?


When to Gift a Tree?

Any occasion is perfect! Is it your anniversary with your significant other? Gift a tree that grows and becomes stronger through the years, just like your love. Is it someone’s birthday, or is there a newborn baby in the family? Trees are symbols of life and growth. Where there are trees, there is a plant, animal, and even micro-organismal life. Celebrate the gift of life by planting a tree in their name.

Did someone got a promotion or graduated from school? A promotion or graduation is growth in people’s careers. It paves the way for new opportunities, but it also opens the door for new challenges. It can be difficult to remain hopeful during these hard times. However, your recipients can find inspiration that their tree faces the heat of the sun, the winds of a hurricane, and the rains of a storm, and still stands it ground.

Whatever the occasion may be, go outside the ordinary appliances, apparel, or stationery and consider gifting a tree. Not only will you give something meaningful to a person, but you will also give something meaningful for the environment.

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