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10 Best Whiteboard Animation Software #2022

Give your ideas a life through presenting them as whiteboard animation, sure it will grab much more attention than those text or simple images and that’s what makes the best promotions way for different businesses.
You can create so many unique and interesting content with whiteboard animation software, and what more it’s an interesting way to promote your business in an easy manner. But if you are confused about which whiteboard animation software you should use then don’t worry because we have rounded up 10 best whiteboard animation software that will make sure you make some great presentations.

1. MySimpleShow

This whiteboard animation is as simple as its name. If you want to make exploration videos, any kind of presentation, sell your marketing ideas, promote any product, then MySimpleShow is what you need. It’s super easy to use and it’s graphics and the manner in which It makes uses the live images is just phenomenal. You can also add audio to your presentation.
It is not only useful for business use but you can easily use it for educational use by making a presentation that can help learn better and not forget you can it for making videos for your personal use. And if you are still looking for another reason to use this whiteboard animation software then let us tell you, it is completely free to use, yes,  you will get all these awesome features for free.

2. Moovly

Moovly is a perfect choice for whiteboard animation software and you can know how great it is with the fact that it is used by many cooperate companies. You can start making whiteboard animation presentation right way for free.
Easily add content to your presentation like videos, audios, and images that will help you to give life to your ideas or sell your ideas. It supports many formats such as mp4, Flv, WMV, etc. And you will get full control over your presentation so that you only get what you want. Apart from these, it has many other amazing features that make it the second-best whiteboard animation software on our list.

3 RawShorts

Rawshorts is best known for making whiteboard explainer videos. It uses easy drag and drop interface, which makes it easy to use and one of the best whiteboard animation software. There are many cool animated templates present which you can choose or if you want you can start from scratch.
It also has an easy sharing feature which allows you to easily share your content on Facebook, YouTube, etc. It’s really easy to use by anyone and even you are no techno pro then you can still use this easily. You can make a video for 2 minutes without spending anything for 3 months. Overall it’s a great choice for whiteboard animation software.

4 Easy sketch pro

Easy sketch pro is made for creative people, with this whiteboard animation software you can be as creative as you want. It’s calling feature is one of kind where the presenter can call anyone while giving a presentation.
It’s also really popular for making HD videos and one can easily export and import the music files. Apart from these users will also get a built-in text editor which will allow you to easily add texts in videos.

5 VideoMakerFX

This whiteboard animation software is as fancy as it sounds, and it’s a perfect choice if you want it for a fully professional choice. With VideoMakerFX you can easily make animation videos which can be crucial for any presentation.
It works on both windows and mac computers. What’s impressive about it is it comes with no annoying watermarks which can be proven as annoying. Another cool thing about this is you will get many amazing backgrounds, images, and icons.

6. Render forest

It’s always great to present your ideas through stories and presenting a few shorts and insights in animation formats and that’s what renders forest do best. You will get many features to enhance your videos and keep your audience engaged in your presentation.
Some of the best features of it’s are, availability of ready-made scenes, many templates and online content editing is also available. So you can definitely rely on this whiteboard animation software.

7 Animaker

Animaker is also a very popular whiteboard animation software and its free version is available, although it only supports 2 min video while it’s paid version supports a full-length videos.
You can easily add effects, texts, audio clips to.make your presentation full of life. You will be surprised to know that it is used by many brands and copies because its that good!


You should know it was previously known as GoAnimate, and its best know for making eye-catching videos as you will find many props, backgrounds, animations that will enhance your video presentation clips.
Its import tool is just lifesaver where you can easily import images to its inbuilt collection and make your animation presentation as you want.

9 PowToon

PowToon is also a famous name when it comes to whiteboard animation software. With hundreds of pre-made templates its one of the best choices for making presentations or whiteboard animation.
If you want to create something for Halloween, Valentine or any other special occasion then PowToon is the best choice for that.

10 TruScribe

Last but not least, TruScribe is an award-winning whiteboard animation software that has proven how great and efficient it is. You can easily edit videos. Its voice recording feature is also very useful.
If you are the who don’t have any design experience then don’t worry because with TruScribe you don’t need that, and that’s what makes it so popular. It’s easy and simple so you can rely on this one.

So these were the best whiteboard animation software and we hope you will like using these. It’s always great to present your ideas in an interesting and creative way than just talking in front of people who probably aren’t taking an interest. So next you are looking for a whiteboard animation software then you know where to go!

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