Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer ? Solution #2022

Technology has made our life easy. We can carry our every necessary documents, files, ppt, and even books too into our gadgets and in clouds in the form of soft copy. From college students to entrepreneurs, the solution of keeping their mandatory documents in the form of soft copy is very beneficial.

Although one thing can’t be the solution of various. Sometimes having a hard copy is the demand of that time. For that, we need a printer nearby to convert your soft copy into a hard one.

But it is not necessary that one always has a printer at their place. So, what do we do in that condition? Where to print documents when you don’t have a printer. Let’s discuss.

Well, I myself faced this condition at various times in my life. When I was urged to submit my hard copy assignment into my college. But unfortunately, I brought it in the form of a soft copy. And many more such hardships I faced in my college life. So, to get rid of it, I figured out various ways by which I turned up from these difficulties. and helped myself in these kinds of conditions.

Here I’m going to share some ideas which I figured out for helping myself. So, you can also use them and come out of that trouble.

Go for the public printer of your college/school library

A place which is open for all the students of the college and school. The place is not only for studying books. But there you can find what you are looking for “A printer” of course, you can find a printer in the library. Library keeps all kinds of things related to studies. Library do have printers, although not everyone is authorized to use it.

In that condition, request the librarian to make a print of your soft copy. It is usually free, but if not it will cost only a penny.

Not only these services many libraries offer scan and fax services within small charges.

Try to ask your mate to help you

Sometimes asking with others can help you find your problem’s solution. You can ask your family member, friends and neighbor if they have a printer at their home. Or you can directly contact those people who own printers at their home. That will make your work easy. You can go and take your printouts from their printers. Thanks to them later.

Using your mate’s printer can be more secure, there can not be a privacy issue.

Well this solution is not for all the time, as it’s their personal printer and asking for the favor again and again won’t look good. This solution can take you out of trouble in hard times.

Go to public copy and print store

Throughout the world it is not necessary that everyone owns a printer, and for that kind of people everything is available in the market.

You can google and search for nearby printing stores and can visit there for your printouts. Along with not only searching on Google you can manually visit the market and can see various public printing shops, who can give you printouts in exchange for a little money. There you can get a single printout or printouts of a novel choice is in your hand or as per your demand.

Visit UPS Store for the print

The famous UPS store has more than 5000 stores across the US. The UPS store provides a list of print and copy services.

It provides all kinds of printouts such as black and white, colour, single side printouts, double side printouts, lamination, binding, and so.

It provides you the facility to upload your documents online and then they will print out your documents and will deliver it at your desired location.

Try FedEx office store

The FedEx store offers services which are named as kinkos. Which is coordinated with the UPS store. Well there are few or you can say fewer offices of FedEx stores. Although their website shows that there are more than 2000 FedEx office stores worldwide. These FedEx offices not only provide the facility of print and copy but also they provide you the facility to deliver these printouts at your doorstep, at varying charges.

Try nearby public places such like hotels, apartments to get a printout

if you are in urgent need of print outs and there are no shops, UPS or FedEx stores nearby. So, you can opt for another option of choosing public places. Because printers are the basic need of today’s time. It has become a common electronic product which can be easily seen at public places like hotels, apartments, hospitals, big stores and more.

In the time of emergency you can go to these places and ask for the print out favors freely. Hope you can get your print outs from those places. Don’t forget to say them thanks.

Pharmatic and drug store can be your life saver

Of course printer is must thing for a pharmatic and drug store. To make out prints of bills, medicines supply, medicine demands and so on.

So in the need of emergency these places can also be advantageous for you. You can get your print outs done from there by requesting them.

Request the nearby bank to give you the printout

If you are unable to find shop, retails shops, FedEx store, or UPS store nearby. But easy to search a bank your nearby. Than, bank can also help you in that condition. Banks do have printers and they can print your documents. if you are really in need of them. Thanks them for your printouts.

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