Where To Find draft on Instagram #2022 Guide

Using social media applications is very trendy and cool nowadays. Which keeps the people updated and connected to the world. People love to post their lifestyle, their memories and things related to their life on social media platforms to share them with their friends and family. 

Along with not only posts, Instagram is now also providing the feature of reels. It is possible for the person to click or to make the thing and post them instantly. 

For that Instagram, the platform provides the feature of the draft to their users. The feature of draft helps the users to build their post or their reels. With the help of Instagram but don’t let them share it publically.

Although it is giving a hidden space or a space that can be only seen by the Instagram user. Named as a draft in which the user can save their photos and videos and can upload them later. 

Although saving things in Instagram is easy but finding the draft option in Instagram is quite difficult for the user of android and IOS.

As the Instagram application launched the draft feature in the year 2016 before that there were no such features of the draft. 

ways to create the Instagram draft 

  • Open the Instagram application into your mobile phone. 
  • Now from the news feed section, you can have an option of plus which is given on the upper side of the screen. 
  • By clicking on that option you can have the option of post, story, reel and live. 
  • Learn to use draft with the help of post, so click on the post option. 
  • Edit the picture as you like. 
  • Now try to go back, a pop-up message will show on your screen with the options containing save draft, discard and cancel. 
  • Choose the option of save draft and your photo is saved as draft. 

Now find the draft which you have prepared 

  • Open the Instagram 
  • Follow the same process of making an Instagram draft. 
  • Try to make a post 
  • While making a post you can have the option of draft on the screen. Click on that. 
  • Choose the draft which you have created earlier. 
  • Edit the draft if you want. 
  • Can share it by clicking the next option. 

Final words 

Here in this article we have given you the complete process of making a draft, finding a draft and uploading it as your Instagram post.

We hope that you liked the article. 

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