Hiring a Comedian for Your Company Event

What You Should Know About Hiring a Clean Comedian for Your Company Event #2022

Whether you realize it or not, your company event is more than just an unnecessary expense. Do it right, and you can boost your employees’ creativity, team spirit, and morale, which are crucial components of a successful business.

If you are noticing that your staff is barely interested and merely attending your events for fear of being reprimanded, it is time to revamp your program and try something different. Instead of inviting the usual motivational speakers to ignite your team, you should Hire a Clean Comedian for your next gathering.


Why Should You Book a Clean Comedian?

Clean comedians deliver humorous and comical materials free of profanity, racism, prejudices, sexual content, and other similar off-putting topics. People who do pure comedy tend to challenge the intellect of their audience to bring good and wholesome fun, unlike the humorists you commonly see on cable television.

If you are uncertain about hiring a clean comedian in your next corporate shindig, here are reasons that may convince you to take the plunge and laugh your heart out:



Increasing workforce productivity is the goal of any business owner. Make your people more productive by letting them watch and listen to good comedy. One experimental study revealed how workers who watched a comedy clip became 10 percent more productive than employees who did not view the video clip.


Stress Relief

Multiple studies revealed how a good laugh could stimulate the brain to release endorphins, which are neurochemicals responsible for improving your mood. Apart from making you happy, endorphins can bring effective stress relief by inducing feelings of relaxation and improving blood circulation. Note that helping your employees reduce their stress levels can help in employee retention, decrease absenteeism, and promotion of healthy company culture.



Finding ways to make your employees laugh can also contribute to improving employee engagement. Research showed that the positive emotion produced by laughter could enhance performance, creativity, and memory – all of which allow employees to carry out their tasks passionately.


How Can You Find the Right Comedian Who Will Keep it Clean?

Not all clean comedians can deliver what they promised. To ensure that you book the right person for the job, consider the following tips:


Rely on actual footage instead of the descriptions in their portfolio.

As the famous adage goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” so why read resumes when you can watch their past performances? You can ask the comedians or the companies that represent them to provide you with clips of corporate events they attended, or you can search online. See for yourself and observe the humorists’ material, stage presence, and the reaction of the crowd. If you did not get hooked, move on to the next.


Request for References

You can request the comedy company to provide you with names and contact details of their past clients so that you can interview them yourself. Ask their experience working with the comedian, to know what it is like to hire him or her. If the company refuses to provide information, consider it a warning and find someone else.


Read Online Reviews

Apart from relying on the references provided to you by the company, you can also search and read reviews online before you hire a clean comedian. Note that people who are truly satisfied take the time to leave good comments as a form of reward to outstanding work.


Given the discussion above, it is evident that your company will be getting more than just laughter and a good time when you Hire a Clean Comedian. Use the tips above as a guide to finding a reputable humorist who will not only make all of you happy but will reignite your team to reach new heights.

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