What You Can Do Right Now To Keep Your Child Safer On Instagram-Guide #2022

The trend of social media is followed by everyone. As everyone loves to use these social media applications for being updated or connected with their friends and family. People love to upload their life stories, photos, and moods on these social media applications. Although mobile phones have become the basic need of everyone in today’s time. Not only adults, but children also need mobile for their online classes, and the applications from where they can learn. 

Although it is not easy to keep your child away from the glamour of these social media applications. Parents don’t want to lose their focus from studies and become habitual of these applications and learn bad things from there. 

So in this condition what parents can do with their children to keep them safer from Instagram. As keeping them away from these social media can’t be an easy as well as a good option. 

So if your child is using Instagram keep an eye on every activity that they are learning from there and what they are doing. 

So here in this article, we are going to write some major steps by which you can keep an eye on your child’s social media. 

Let’s check their interest by checking the following list 

Of course, the child will only follow those accounts in which he is interested. As like, suppose your child loves crafting so they will follow the page of craft and other activities. As there are a ton of pages available on Instagram. Along with if your child is following something which is not meant to be for them you can check your child’s Instagram following and can make them understand that this thing is not good for them and they should not follow it. 

Is Instagram has such an inbuilt feature that keeps safer your child 

The answer is yes, not completely but yes. When you make your Instagram account Instagram asks for your details such as your age, your name, and your birth year. So that Instagram will show them the content which should be relevant for them as per their age. 

They can also use the option of turning off their message so that the strangers can’t send them messages or they can’t be a part of cyberbullying. This feature can be turned back on at any time. 

So the parents have to teach their kids, what’s the negative point of turning on this message and what wrong can happen with them after turning it on. So that they can’t turn it on during the absence of their parents. 

There are various things on Instagram by which you should keep your child safe 

Applications such as Finsta can trap them 

The application finsta is like a fake Instagram account application. Finsta is used for the people who trap others by doing cyberbullying. Finsta has features by which a person can hide their identity. So that one should keep their child from these applications. 

Contents that can hit on your child’s mind 

Video calls or messenger rooms are the places where anyone can easily call. Although these private rooms come with various features such as removing people, adding people or hiding people and many more. 

Along with the feature of the live room can also take you to places on the internet that can make a bad impact on your kid’s minds by showing you some kind of content that is not meant for them. 

Solution for keeping your child safer from Instagram 

Keeping your account private is the best feature of Instagram which should be used by the people who want to keep their things private. As these private accounts can’t reach the maximum number of m people and strangers can’t keep an eye on them. 

Only those people can check those who are following them. 

Ways to keep your kid’s account private 

  • Open the Instagram application. 
  • Now open your kid’s profile from the button given the option. 
  • Now on the right side of the corner, you can see the option of 3 lines given there. 
  • Click on that and you can have various options there. 
  • Option the option of setting
  • Now choose the option of privacy
  • After clicking it. You can see the option of a private account, turn it on. Now your kid’s account is private. 

You can also block some accounts which you think that they are not safe for your kid 

  • Open the profile of the user you want to block 
  • Now look at the profile in the right corner and you can see three dots. 
  • Click on those dots. 
  • Now you can see some options. 
  • In those options, you can have the option of the block. Click on it. 
  • Instagram will double ask you, are you sure you want to block that person. Block 

Way to report abusive and inappropriate contents 

  • If you received an, tap on the message and report it. 
  • Open the post, and see on the top right side, and report it. 

Ways to turn off commenting 

  • Click on the above post 
  • Now, choose the option of turning off commenting on the post. And it will be turned off. 

Final words 

Here in this article, we have written about the solutions by which you can keep your child safe on this social media platform. Teaching them using these social media is a good option as compared to keeping them far from these. 


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