What To Do If There Is No Sound Coming From Your Vizio TV #2022

What is Vizio TV?

In October 2002 William Wang founded Vizio Incorporation. It is a famous American trading enterprise that creates, designs and sells televisions, sound bars and viewers data. It has its headquarters at Irvine, California, US.

Vizio is famous for its selling strategy where the enterprise sells HDTVs at a price lower than its competitors thereby gaining market position through price advantage. It was estimated that this famous brand company earned a whopping revenue of 700 million US dollars in 2006. This revenue position of the company then raised to 2 billion US dollars in 2007.

The company was gaining immense popularity and success, then Vizio purchased Advance Media Research Group Inc. in 2014. Then to grow business to newer heights Vizio got itself listed with US regulators to issue its initial public offer for a sum rounding up to 173 million US dollars. After 2016 Vizio launched its smart cast for all television sets including popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Disney. 2018 was the period when this company announced a free streaming service known as Watch Free on its smart cast platform, which was powered by Pluto TV.

In 2020 this company was declared as the second largest seller of in demand flat screen TV in the United States. Vizio had a net income of around 103 million US dollars in 2020.In 2021 Vizio had reported a total revenue of around 2.05 billion US dollars.

Today this successful enterprise has around 530 employees who are working across the whole United States in areas such as California, Texas, New York, Washington, Arkansas and many more.

About various amazing products that Vizio developes

This amazing enterprise is particularly known for its user friendly television but it also produces other different consumer friendly goods like sound bars, tablets, Android phones, laptops and computers.
Let’s briefly talk about these amazing products.

  1. TV Sets : TV sets are among the primary products that Vizio provides. The consumer satisfaction and good experience has made Vizio the largest LCD TV Sets seller in the whole North America. Vizio provides various range in its TV Sets, a list of these are :
    D- series TV, V- series smart TV with beautiful backlight, M- series HDR quantum TV . Vizio now also produces a facility of Alex devices and Google assistant enabled TV Sets to enhance customer experience and build a healthy relationship.
  2. Sound Bars: Vizio has launched movie home theater sound bars and surround home sound audio systems for its consumers. These amazing soundbars developed by the company are available in M- series, elevate and V- series. All these series have different options and benefits that give immense consumer satisfaction.

Tips to follow if there is no sound coming from your Vizio TV Set

This is now a well known name as a big player in the domestic TV SETS market. Their secret of success was that they delivered domestic TV Sets at a very affordable price to the consumers. In spite of great success just like other TV Developing companies, Vizio TV Sets also had to face some issues. The audio or one can say sound of Vizio TV Set is now showing problems to customers. There are cases where no voice or sound is coming from the renowned Vizio TV Set.

Here are a few tips to get rid of this troublesome situation. All one needs to do are a few basics and simple checks to confirm that your Vizio TV is clearly visible and also audible to you.

Solution to the problem:

  1. Closely Examine The TV Set: To do this one needs to first unplug the TV from the wall outlet for a period between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then restart the TV after plugging it back in. This simple activity allows TV Set to completely shut down at first and then have a fresh restart. If one’s problem was due to power issue or voltage down then this trick will surely resolve the problem.
  2.  Examine the cables carefully: This is the secondary thing to check. All one needs to do is ensure that all cables are plugged in properly. One can replace an old worn out cable with a new one to ensure that it works properly. Vizio is usually advised to keep spare cables with you.
  3.  Give a check to external audio: Many people use sound bars or surround sound bars for better experience. To get rid of no sound problem one has to remove these sound bars and fix a default speaker for testing the sound. If in test one can hear sound properly then the issue is with external audio hardware but if one cannot hear sound in test then the sound problem lies with the TV Set.
  4. Check audio settings of your TV : Go to settings and open audio settings of the TV in the menu bar. Check the audio settings. Select the default option to reset the audio settings. Then confirm the changes made. This is a simple that might help one to get rid of the no sound coming problem of Vizio TV.

One cannot assure whether these tricks will work or not but trying these out is not a big deal. One can give a try to these simple checks before calling a technician and save money if these basic tips work for you.

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