What is vanish mode on Instagram? How To Use It Guide #2022

Instagram is a social media platform that is getting more and more users day by day. As it gives a lot of amazing features to users of every kind. Features to those users who want to get their private account and keep their personal life to their followers and following only. Along with it also gives features to those who want to connect with the public and get famous. 

The application Instagram has a solution for everything. Features like reels, stories, posts and so more. 

Here we are going to discuss what is vanish mode on Instagram and how it works. 

Well let’s discuss what is Vanish mode 

Meaning of vanish means something disappears automatically. The feature of vanish can disappear the messages from Instagram, photos, videos, and other content which lays in chat.  Things that are sent in chat while using vanish mode will automatically disappear as soon as vanish mode will be off or the other person closes the chat. 

Well, the vanish mode is an updated feature of Instagram so if you want to use this vanish mode you have to update to the latest version of Instagram. 

Ways to active vanish mode on Instagram 

  • Open Instagram chat you want to use this feature on. 
  • Write a new message on Instagram then scroll to the bottom of your chat. 
  • Now from the bottom side of the chat screen swipe up and release your finger. Here you can see all the upper chat will disappear and you are entered in vanish mode. 
  • Here you can chat secretly whatever you want and you can also share media through it. 
  • As soon as you leave the inbox or turn off vanish mode you will go back to your old chat. 

The chat which you did in vanish mode has disappeared now. 

Ways to turn off vanish mode 

  • After completing your chat in vanish mode. 
  • You can go back out from the chat to close the vanish mode. 
  • Or again swipe to upward to close the vanish mode. 

Final words 

Here in this article, we have discussed what is vanish mode in Instagram and how it works. We hope you like the article and found it helpful. 

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