What Is The Meaning Of CF On Instagram? Step By Step Guide #2022

Most trending social media with a lot of inbuilt features is becoming everyone’s favorite day by day. As it is a complete package of entertainment that everybody needs. Yes, we are talking about Instagram here. 

A social media platform with a lot of features that connect people to other people easily as like the feature of reel and posts. Most bloggers and content creators are becoming famous by using Instagram. 

Although Instagram is expanding its features day by day. 

Some people have their public account on Instagram and have a lot of followers which helps them in reaching maximum people. But everything comes with a negative point. 

These open accounts ruin their personal life. And these influencers are unable to post their life-related things on their story. As anyone can check them. But the feature of close friends saves their lives. Not only for influencers, these features help everyone who wants to share their happy, sad moments of life on Instagram. But not every person only with their close ones. 

As hiding,story with many people can’t be easy. So a one can make a close friend list and can share their story to them only. If you share you story on close friend list, only the people whom you added on the close friend list can see. No one from the outside. 

The word CF denotes close friend in Instagram. 

How to make a close friend list on Instagram 

For making the close friend list on Instagram follow these steps 

  • Open the Instagram profile
  • Now from the bottom choose the last option on the right side to open your Instagram profile.
  • After opening profile see on the right side on the screen you can see 3 lines. Click on that. 
  • Now you can see various options there. And can see the option of close friend. 
  • Click on that. Now you can manage your close friend list. From here. 
  • After choosing create a list. 
  • Your close friend list is updated. You can now share photos and your stories on close friend list. If you want to adjust the close friend list you can further add and remove people from it. 

Final words 

Here in this article, we have given the information related to CF or close friend list. We hope you like the article. 

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