What Does A Quick Add Mean In Snapchat? #2022

A trending social media platform that currently has grabbed the favorite title of current youth and social media lovers. The Snapchat platform concept is unique from other social media applications.

Snapchat is more for sharing photos than chatting. Although it provides various features so that you can share your photos, videos, can chat, make streaks and various features.

Snap chat also works as a filter camera, as it provides various new and updated filters which match the current occasion. Like the filters of Diwali, Holi, Halloween of festivals. Along with the filter of the world cup and T-20 matches.

Not only this you can click your amazing snaps with the help of snap chat feature, in different shades, and in the filter which makes you look amazing.

Although if you are a new user of Snapchat, there are a lot of questions in your mind. As for how to use it, how to make friends on snap chat there are various ways to add friends to this application. Let’s discuss the most used method of adding friends on this application which is Quick add.

What does the quick add feature meanwhile using Snapchat? And which way does it work?

Ways to add friends on the Snapchat platform

 There are various ways to add friends on snapchat. If we calculate there are known four ways to add friends on snapchat. Let’s discuss

 The first way to add friends from Contact List

 Of course, as soon as you download the snapchat application into your phone. It will ask you to sync your contact list or maybe already sync.

 Steps to add from contact list

  •  Check the left corner of the screen, you can see your profile icon there. Click on it.
  • Now click on the option of Add friends, now click on the option of all contacts
  • Click on the continue option, snapchat will sync all your contacts.
  • It will show all the users name, who uses snapchat from your contact list. It is total because of their phone numbers.
  • Once you have the list you can add the people you like to add.

 Through Snapcode

 Snapchat gives every user its unique identity, in the way of snapcode. Like we scan for payment or scan any product to get its information. In such ways, snapchat provides the snapcode so that the other user can scan it and can add you as their friend on snapchat.Snapcode of two persons can’t be the same.

 Ways to add through snapcode  

  •  Share your snapcode, to the people whom you want to add on snapchat.
  • The user can scan the code through the camera also and can add the person as their friend on snapchat.

Adding friends through snapcode can be done in 2 ways.

Your friend can share the unique Identity snapcode with you. By the following process. Open your Snapchat and hold your unique snapcode. Then there you can see a pop up menu, from there you can save your snapcode into the main camera roll. 

Now, open your Snapchat profile again. 

In the upper right Corner you can see the option of adding a friend nearby the option of flipping the camera. 

  • Click on that. 
  • Add friend option will open. Here you can see the request of add friend you received or quick add option. 
  • In the upper side of the screen, you can check a search box. Named with a find friend. Nearby it you can see a small snapcode icon. Click on it. 
  • Your phone gallery will open. You can scan your friends’ Snapcode here and can send them requests to be their friend on Snapchat.
  • Done.

The another way to add friend on Snapchat through snapcode is 

If you are with your friend or meet them. You can directly scan the snapcode of theirs from your main camera or by snap camera. 

When you scan the snapcode snap will ask you that if you want to add the person just click on add friend. And it’s done. Request sent to the user.

Add friend Via Username 

If you have your friend’s username. You can easily add them into your Snapchat. 

  • Open Snapchat
  • Click on the top right corner icon of add friend 
  • Write the username of your friend in the search box 
  • The profile with that username will appear in the screen
  • Hit the option of adding a friend. And a request will be sent to the user.

Let’s discuss quick add feature

 Quick add option is quite different from the other option as sometimes people don’t understand what it is and why it is.

Although it is from those people whom you are in touch with, from your contact list or from your friends, friend list, or you can say mutual friends. The quick add feature works the same as people you may know from other social media applications.

Now if you want to add people in your snapchat list then from that quick add list you can add them, by clicking on the quick add option. The friend request to the person will be sent via snapchat.

Although the person whom you are sending requests can know that you add them from the quick add option. As snapchat tells the user full details.

 Final words

 So, here in this article, we have explained to you all four popular ways of adding friends on snapchat.

 The quick add option is like, as we get on other social media applications people you may know easily can be seen on Facebook and Instagram. Where you can see the people you may know from your contact list, or your already social media friends list, from mutuals, interests and other reasons.

 We hope that you find this article helpful while using snapchat. You can also share this article to your friends if they want to explore snapchat and know more about it.



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