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Latest Tips – Top 10 Best Web Analytics Tools 2020

Web analytics tools always good for successful businesses. These tools help you to get details from where your website visitors are coming and which page they are surfing. This content shows you the top best web analytics tools 2020 which help you lots. I hope you learn many things which will develop your business and your visitors also.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the first tool in our list which helps you monitor your business on the way. This tool understands your customers very well. It will give you the free tool which you required in order to analyze data for your business. In this tool, you will get easy entry data from other Google platforms while you are working in Analytics for smooth workflow which will save your time and will also increase your ability.
In this tool, you will get an entire view of your customers for much better insights in order to grow your business. It will also provide you quicker answers to your questions related to your analytics data and will uncover insight about how your business is performing and has broad tools like as multi-channel funnels and aspect which will tell you everything which you need to know about your online business and add this tool will also give you a detailed analysis of your online business and thus you will know the exact brunt which is made on your visitors. This tool will help you to develop your visitors with valuable insights. If you want to grow your business then you should try this tool.


Chartbeat is also a great web analytics tool that provides data to global publishers. In this tool, you see how your audience connects with your websites in real-time and it focuses on the fact that your visitor’s attention is more powerful and worthful rather than their clicks. It will help you to track your visitor’s real behavior and you will get details where your website visitors are coming and which page they like and are surfing.


Mint is a self-hosted, extensible web analytics tool. This tool will also give you extensive visitor history and you can also track website activity for a day, week, month and year as unique visitors and total page view and it also will give you tons of attractive features. It will make tracking website visitors and you will get details from where your website visitors are coming and which page they are like and surfing.


Matomo is also known as Piwik. This tool is a free web analytics software platform and it provides information on your website and its visitors, including keywords and searches engine they used, which page they like, the language they speak, the files they download and so much more. Matomo’s mission to be an open way alternative to Google Analytics.


Clicky is a complete web analytics tool 2020 that tells you everything you could want about your website traffic. 1,220,786 websites depend on clicky in order to react, monitor and analyze to their traffic in real-time. This tool is very easy to use as any analytics software and it will help you to get live information about their online visitors and they also don’t ask for any billing info when you sign up. It receives alerts when your website goes offline so you can react immediately. The uptime of your website is monitored from seven locations worldwide. Most reports contain high information on every section of your visitors and thus you want to know what is working and what is not working. In this tool, the list of facilities is endless. If you have a website then you should try this tool.


In this list, every tool is best which helps you a lot. Woopra is a very advanced, interesting and amazing web analytics tool 2020. This tool will provide you the limited-time free option and it also provides you with live visitors which include useful web analysis like where your visitors come from and what page your visitors are surfing on your website.

Open web analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open-source web analytics tool that you can use to analyze and track how visitors use your websites. Open Web Analytics provides website developers and owners with easy ways to add web analytics to their websites using simple PHP or REST-based API’S and you will get whole control over your website’s data analysis as this data will never be shared with any third party.


Gosquared’s mission is to help businesses convert more visitors into customers and this tool is a great solution where businesses understand and communicate with their customers through  CRM, live chat, analytics, and marketing automation. This tool will give actionable metrics which is very important for e-commerce websites and it also gives a real-time reporting system and thus permits you to know visitor’s behavior.


Here, I’m introducing the top best web analytics tool in 2020. StatCounter can be customized on the basis of your data requirement and it will give you real-time traffic stat and so your enables you to get all details related to your customers in real-time. It will make tracking website visitors and you will get details from where your website visitors are coming and which page they are like and surfing.


Mixpanel is an advanced analytics tool 2020 and this tool is last in our top list. Mixpanel takes different accessibility by analyzing and measuring the actions or steps taken by a visitor who visits on your website. You will get details from where your website visitors are coming and which page they are surfing.
Here, we share a list of best web analytics tools 2020 which will give you all consistent traffic details for your website. I’m easily recommending that anyone reading this blog use this web analytics tools. I hope this tool will help you lots and u like it. Please share, like and comment also.