Want To Know What It Takes To Create A Great Promo Video

Want To Know What It Takes To Create A Great Promo Video? #2022

What is a Promo Video?

A promo video or promotional video is a marketing tool used to pitch a certain product or service. As more and more businesses shift towards video content marketing, promo videos have become very common. Promotional videos are rather short and to the point, as their purpose is to provide the most information in the shortest amount of time and to maintain the viewer’s interest.

Whether it’s a full-fledged three-minute commercial on TV or a 15-second Instagram story, promo videos are crucial for marketing campaigns. What does it take to make the best promo video? This article has the answers.

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8 Tips to Make Amazing Promo Videos

Tips to Make Amazing Promo Videos

1. Identify the Goal

Before you take out the video camera and use promo video makers and other applications to make videos, there are many other things to be taken care of. The first step in making a promo video is to have a goal in mind by finding answers for questions like:

  1. What is the main purpose of the video? (Brand awareness, educate customers, increase sales, etc.)
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What story are you going to weave to convey this message to the viewers?

This will give you the foundation for your promo video. Deciding whether it is going to be instructive, or action-inducing or explanatory or entertaining will set the tone for the content.

2. Decide the Duration

Decide the Duration

This is probably the biggest constraint you will face when making a promo video. You cannot make a three-minute-long video for an Instagram story, and it is challenging to convey a deep message in a ten-second clip. Given the limited attention span humans possess, shorter ads on social media capture attention and deliver the message quickly, whereas if you want to make an instructive “how-to” video of sorts, you need a few minutes.

A lot of companies make multiple promo videos for their products or services to cater to different media/purposes/audience, which might be a little more expensive but does the job effectively. Of course, if you need to trim or stretch the video by a few seconds, video editors serve the purpose.

3. Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Shooting.

Even if your product or service is the best of its kind, customers who see a poorly-made promo video will lose interest in it. When shooting the video, spend time in picking an appropriate location with proper lighting and make sure the actors have rehearsed their parts well. Hiring a professional videographer is a worthwhile investment because they will also have the best idea of how to shoot the scenes based on the content (slow zoom, pan shot, etc.).

Including celebrities in promos might be expensive, and this is where you have to take a call whether the content by itself is powerful enough to engage the audience even if a new actor is shown on screen.

4. Use Editors and Tools

E-commerce video makers and other highly popular video editors are available online, which will help you edit your video, add visual effects, and other elements like stickers, text, and music. Once you have got everything on camera, employ these software applications to stitch together and enhance your video as much as you can. Adding an appropriate background score is a popular technique.

You can also add title cards, subtitles (in different languages too, based on your target audience) to convey the message of the video better. Finally, add a call to action (CTA) that leads people to your website/social media in order to get interested customers to contact your business.

5. Include Testimonials

Include Testimonials

Customers are more likely to show interest in your product if they see similar people doing the same. If you plan a limited release with a test group, record the session where they use the product or service, and if the response is successful, build a promo video around that. For example, if your product is a baby lotion, you can include the testimonials and feedback of some mothers who liked the product in the promo video.

6. Engage the Audience Emotionally

The simplest way to get someone engrossed in what you have to offer is to play with their emotional strings, and this is true not just for promo videos. Two ways that content generators achieve this is by either making the audience laugh or making them feel.

Candid camera sequences are great sources of humor if you can cleverly incorporate such a scene for your product or service. On the other hand, bringing in sentiment to your promo video will make the audience empathize with the content. For example, if your promo video is a moving story about someone gifting their mother your company’s product as a gift, this will resonate well with families who might think of doing the same.

7. Try Behind-the-Scenes Promo Videos

Try Behind-the-Scenes Promo Videos

This technique is generally more useful for B2B marketing campaigns where a behind-the-scenes video gives a glimpse of the processes that went into making the product. End-users are more interested in seeing how exactly the product or service works (so they would prefer a demo or how-to video), whereas clients of another business who may be more tech-savvy will have higher credibility for you if you show them what went into making the product.

8. Make “Challenge” Videos

Make Challenge Videos

This is a very interesting way to make people purchase your product or service: create a challenge involving what you want to sell. These videos are meant to be more entertaining than informative, but the idea is that you get people watching the video to try out some activity or challenge, and if they do it (and send a video recording to prove it, say), you offer prizes.

This boosts your brand value and makes your products more interesting to potential customers purely because of the relation between the product and the unique promo video. These videos are typically created as social media contests.

Make Your Promo Video Today!

These tips mentioned above are only guidelines that are commonly followed to make promo videos. Ultimately, your creativity, needs, target audience, and constraints are what decide what exactly goes into your video and how it is made. However, the techniques you now know, combined with the necessary software, will enable you to make great promo videos for any product you wish!

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