8 Unique Gifts for Any History Buff #2022

Just about anyone can understand why someone might be interested in history. But some people can’t get enough of history, whether it has to do with a certain event or time period. History buffs love procuring collectibles and unique gifts that show off one of their favorite pastimes.

History lovers encompass all walks of life, from professional engineers to high school students and everyone in-between and beyond. If you know someone that fits this bill and you want to get them something special for a birthday, anniversary, or another occasion, we may have found exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Treasure Map Reproduction

For centuries, countless people have dreamed of finding buried treasure and the show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ has sparked the imaginations of modern-day prospective fortune hunters. Documenting two brothers’ search for what is thought to possibly be the lost Templar treasure, the show is in its 9th season and has witnessed the duo finding various historical artifacts along with actual “treasure.”

Whether they’re huge fans of the show or simply love unique history-themed gifts, a beautiful reproduction of an Oak Island, Nova Scotia map is virtually assured to thrill them.

2. Historical Letters

While there are plenty of mobile apps used to instantaneously communicate in one fashion or another and just about everyone has a phone readily available, it wasn’t all that long ago that everything was done via handwritten letters. So naturally, there are a lot of historical documents that are perfect for hanging and displaying.

Over at Letterjoy, you can get them a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription, and each week they’ll receive historic letters from figures like Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and George S. Patton.

3. A Genealogy Kit

The discovery of DNA has opened the door to finally discovering where our ancestors came from. For less than $100 in most cases, you can help them find out whether they hail from the Hawaiian Islands or Ireland, or Norway.

In fact, many genealogy kits, such as 23andMe, actually provide 80+ personalized reports, ancestry percentages down to 0.1%, and cover over 2,000+ geographic regions.

The history buff on your gift list is almost guaranteed to cherish this present.

4, 5, & 6 – For Book Lovers

Sure, there are many books dedicated to various aspects of history, but we’ve found 3 that may be perfect.

  • The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told – Not all history gets included in books, movies, or TV shows and there are countless stories involving our historic leaders that have been virtually lost to time.
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me – An interesting take on history as we know it from an author that provides his perspective on the validity of the syllabus they’re teaching in school these days.
  • History of the World Map by Map – Includes more than 140 amazingly detailed maps.

7 & 8 – Odds & Ends

If none of the above sounds like what you’re looking for, you should consider one or more of these.

  • Not everyone likes mind games on Android but a lot of people do enjoy stretching their brains with jigsaw puzzles. A quick web search will reveal gems like the Life Cover Collection Puzzle, historical buildings and landmarks, and many more.
  • This Day in History Calendar – Give them the gift of learning something new every day.

As you can see, finding a unique gift for a history buff can be quite easy and extremely affordable. No matter what era they’re interested in or what topics they enjoy, most of the ideas above are almost certain to mark the celebration with something they’ll love.

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