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Top 10 Types Of Relationships #2022

Relationships have so many stages and so many perspectives each is different for different persons. You can’t just simply say that there is just one kind of relationship. As people vary from each other so is their view about relationships. It is as complicated as anything can get. We have narrowed down some obvious types of relationships that exist in today’s time. Help yourself to understand where you stand.


1. Dependant relationship

This type of relationship occurs when you or your partner is dependent on the other one then you are in a dependent relationship. Your partner can’t seem to make a decision on his own or needs you 24*7. Being a little depending on your partner can be flattering but don’t be overly involved. This kind of relationship is born out of desperation when a person doesn’t wanna be alone but neither he is ready for a relationship to try to avoid this for yourself and for your partner’s sake.

 2. You are the one kinda relationship

This type of relationship is traditional as well as rare to find these days, two of you are only involved with each other and doesn’t want anyone else, it is a more romantic and mature kind of relationship. In this kind of relationship, you forgive, each other for your mistakes and try to work it out. There is always going to be a conflict or misunderstandings with anyone you choose what matters is that if your partner worth all this. If you want this type of relationship you to learn to compromise and forgiveness and a better understanding of your partner’s feelings. If you are compatible and madly in love with each other. You forgive, compromise and understand each other like no one ever have then you may have found your “the one”.

3. Relationship-based on benefits

Though a lot of people in today’s generation go for this type of relationship and it can be good as long as both of you are on the same page. This type of relationship should only occur when there are no strings attached from both sides. It can be amazing if you don’t want responsibility and none of you is thinking about the future of your current status. When one starts to have feeling you should take a step back if you are not on the same page as your partner.

4. The long-distance relationship

This is the most difficult type of relationship. Although if you are in a long-distance relationship that means you both want it to work and there is that special feeling called love. You need to have full faith in your partner and the utmost importance of each other. Try not getting into unnecessary fights cause you can’t meet them and solve all these things on phone. Social media and better connectivity have risen the number of long-distance relationships.

 5. The casual relationship

 In this type of relationship, you don’t really know the other person but it cant be physically good. It is different from friends with benefits relationship because that revolves around your good friend meanwhile this can be with anyone you are physically attracted to. You both agree to keep it casual and no complications whatsoever.

 6. Open relationship

It’s like an open marriage relationship where you can have many sexual partners but you will be emotionally connected to just one. It can be harmless considering you both want the same thing from each and mature enough to handle an open relationship.  Try this kind of relationship only and only when you and your partner feel like you can do this otherwise it will just bring drama.

 7. The controlling relationship

 If you feel like your partner is controlling you or make decisions for you then you are in a controlling relationship. Try to avoid such relationship it may seem you can work it now and handle this type of relationship but it never meant to be for the long run.

8. The toxic relationship

This type of relationship will not only ruin your present but also affect your future relationship. You may be in love with this person but there is no compromise or understanding. Your partner will argue over silly things and things would go south every time you wanna work it out. Try to get out of this type of relationship as soon as you can cause it’s not healthy for either of you. Don’t sabotage your future relationships just because you wanted it to work out with the wrong person.

9. The temporary relationship

Imagine you are on the other side of the country for a few months and you met someone nice although he is great it cant work out for your future. Its where you want to have fun for a temporary time. You want to be with that person for “just now”. This can a great type of relationship if you both want it for a short period of time.

10. Independent relationships

Its where you both are mature enough to understand that you won’t need another person around all the time. You can handle some things on your own. If you give each other enough space and respect each other’s privacy then you are in an independent type of relationship. It is good to have a relationship with an independent person as long as they keep you involved in their life and you know whats going on in their mind. Too much independence can lead to arguments. Don’t make the other person feel that they alone or you don’t want their opinions or involvement in your life, this can just push away from them from you. Try to balance it out if your partner feels you are not emotionally available or doesn’t consider their feelings before doing anything.


Relationships can be difficult but it’s not a one-way street. You both have to put the same kind of effort to work it out and always make sure your partner and you are on the same page otherwise it can be painful for both of you.

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