Top 10 Job Interview Apps #2022

The struggle of the interview is real. We know the nervousness you have a few days before your interview. So many people waste their time doing so much that isn’t needed in the first place, to crack an interview you need all the information about what will be asked or what should you wear. We have picked top apps that will help you with your next interview. An interview isn’t just about having knowledge but rather it’s a personality test. All an interviewer seeks in a candidate is his ability to describe himself and be prepared for anything.


Interview Questions and Answers

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Knowledge is the key to crack any exam, but when it comes to interviewing it’s your communication skills and smarts answers that will help to climb the success ladder. Everyone needs a little help with the interview it’s the area where you will need how to present your knowledge. HR Interview Guide has come up with this interview app where you learn how to answer the tricky questions and be presentable in front of your interviewer. Every answer is provided with some tips.   It is updated frequently to add more and smarter questions which will improve your communication skills. Also, this app helps you to find jobs.


Interview Question and Answers

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Total Downloads –        1,000,000+
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Interview Question and Answers app by Placecom cover a wide range of subjects to help you prepare your interview. Each subject area has 40 most important questions. 14 subjects are available including:
  1. Net
  2. Android
  3. Software testing
  4. Finance
  5. Data structure
  6. Unix
  7. PHP
  8. DBMS
  9. Electronics
  10. General(HR)
Hels you with resume, GD tips, and topics, Logical reasoning is also present.  You compare your answers with this app for better understanding.  Simple and easy to use the app, doesn’t require an internet connection. This interview app is recommended to freshers.


101 HR Interview Questions

Users Ratings –             3857+  
Total Downloads –        500,000+
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101 Hr Interview Questions is developed by the programmer world. A wide variety of subjects is available that will help you with any job interview.
Questions are divided into categories so that you can get help where you need it. These categories are General questions, common questions, personal development, feedback, analysis, motivation, leadership, communication and many more. If you need help with your communication skills then you can go into communication categories which contain different questions and strategies to help you.


HR Interview Questions and Answers

Users Ratings –              1862+  
Total Downloads –       100,000+
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Incognisys presents HR Questions and Answers app to prep for your next interview. This app is helpful for both fresher and experienced candidates.
The separate question bank is available for freshers and experienced candidates.
Freshers can enhance their confidence and communication skills by exercising given questions. And experienced candidates can improve their understanding of their respective fields and their position in future careers.


Glassdoor (improve your interview skills)

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Total Downloads –        10,000,000+
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Search your dream job near you and help yourself with the glassdoor job search app to improve your interview skills. You can be very knowledgeable and yet you find it difficult to crack the interview. Glassdoor job search is here to help you to remove all your doubts you have before taking the interview. Prep for your dream job by exercising updated and frequently asked questions with some valuable tips.


English for job interview questions and answers

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Total Downloads –      100,000+
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Communication is a key to success at your interview and for that, you have to have a strong command of your language. Even you are good at English still you need some guidance for communication skills. If you have doubts about your English skills download this app and master your English speaking skills. To master your English you need a good vocabulary, English for job interview questions and answers provide good English that is frequently used during a job interview, English sentences for listening so that you can understand every word. Download this job interview app and improve your English speaking skills.


Interview preparation guide

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Total Downloads –        100,000+
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This job interview app will help you through your resume to the final interview. When it comes to preparing for a job that requires vast knowledge and understanding, you can rely on this app. One of its different features is that it will provide you knowledge about economy, political point of view, social tips which are very important to test your perspective towards general things and well you understand every aspect of a particular situation.
Aptitude questions and tips are also available.
Download aptitude questions sets for free. These are divided into categories, mathematics aptitude sets, logical reasoning aptitude sets, general knowledge paper sets, etc. Get out this app and ace your next interview by being fully prepared.


English basic – interview English 

Users Ratings –             473+  
Total Downloads –      100,000+
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If you are not confident enough about your English speaking skills then this app is a perfect match for you. Learn frequently used vocabulary for interview. Some audios of English sentences are present so that you can have a better understanding. 45 min lessons are available which will improve your English skills. Frequently asked questions are available with smart answers. Videos also available for vocabulary. Take tests to know your limitations and improve them.
Give this app a try and learn English. It’s worth your time and will save you from embarrassment. After a while, you will be confident about yourself and hopefully crack your interview and find your dream job.


Fresher interview Q&A

Users Ratings –              278+  
Total Downloads –        100,000+
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Never taken an interview? Just starting the job hunting?  Don’t worry all you need is here. Fresher interview Q&A app is specially designed to help freshers with the interview. Collect all the information you need and get better at communication. General topics and tips are given. HR questions and answers are also accessible.


Skill prodigy- interview prep app

Users Ratings –              240+  
Total Downloads –       5000+
Download  Now –         Android 
 Be 100% prepared with help of Skill Prodigy-interview prep app. This app doesn’t just provide the question and answers but help you build your confidence through a mock interview. Improve your communication with expert advice. Peer feedback is one of the unique feature of this interview app, by this feature you can exchange ideas, give or take advice from your peers. Skill prodigy provides us with a different feature that will help us ace the interview. Be fully prepared by its answer sample which covers all the possible interview questions. Connecting with peers and exchanging knowledge will enhance your communication skills. Evaluate your answers by uploading it (in both video or audio forms). Check out this app and rock your next interview with confidence.


Job Interview Questions and answers

Users Ratings –              79+  
Total Downloads –        10,000+
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Get your dream job with the help of this job interview question and answer app. Developers of this app have realized the important aspects of an interview and prep you for that in the most effective way possible. It will give you the right amount of knowledge and help you in presenting yourself with elegance and confidence. Don’t wait to download this app if your interview is around the corner. This is one of the best interview apps for iOS devices.
These apps are highly recommended apps of 2019 which will help you to get your dream job. Whether it’s your confidence, communication skills or even English speaking you will find every help you need. Everything you need just before your interview is available in categories. We hope you will find these apps helpful.
Try out these apps and give us your feedback.

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