Top 7-Brain Exercise Apps-2020

Top 7 Brain Exercise Apps For Android And Apple #2022

A cell phone currently serves activities that go far beyond making and receiving calls. Modern smartphones allow you to install a host of applications that can give your device new functions, helping your life in many different ways.

One of the many aspects may be the enhancement of your brain activity. There are now many tools focused on training and exercising your mind, helping you improve your memory or control anxiety, among other things. You can do it by having more control over your brain and your thoughts.

Challenging and varied activities that keep the brain stimulated and constantly renewing. This is the premise of brain gymnastics, an exercise that favors the production of neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline) and improves the connections between nerve cells, stimulating the development of new neural networks.

Investing in brain gymnastics can be good for those who need to improve memory and logical thinking. Students preparing for exams also have a lot to gain from the activity as well as young athletes playing in the NCAAF college bawl games.

As the list of items available for major mobile platforms is so extensive, we have selected 7 apps that deserve a closer look. They are among the best of their kind and can be good companions when it comes to training your brain.


1 – Fit Brains Trainer

Developed by Paul Nussbaum, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh (USA), Fit Brains Trainer is defined as a brain fitness program. The purpose of the app is to stimulate concentration, memory, speed of thinking and logic, with 360 training sessions. The app has been downloaded over 4 million times.


2 – Lumosity

Scientists and designers have teamed up to create this app that combines more than 25 cognitive games into daily training programs. With 70 million users worldwide, games adapt to user performance. Each has a specific function, such as improving memory and troubleshooting. You can track your own performance through a track record.


3 – Elevate

The app focuses on improving math skills as well as memory development, processing speed, and concentration. It also helps study English as it is only available in this language. Elevate also stands out for its ability to choose the area of knowledge to be developed.


4 – Little Things Forever

With a simple goal of finding small details in large scenarios, the app proposes to stimulate focus, attention, and concentration in a fun way. Quick thinking is also driven. The speed of task execution even influences the Little Things Forever user score.


5 – Peak

The app allows the user to choose from the outset which skill they want to train from memory, focus, problem-solving, mental alertness and language. 25 games are available to improve brain potential. The app’s highlight is the detailed analysis of player performance, with comparisons, brain maps, and visualizations of data and graphs by category.


6 – Eidetic

Unlike others, this application focuses only on memory development. The skill is worked through the spaced repetition method. The technique consists of constantly increasing the interval in which the player has to memorize the information exposed by Eidetic. Among others, the contents can be phone numbers, famous phrases, and dictionary entries.


7 – Memrise

This app is also focused on boosting memory but with a focus on language learning. Memrise developers say the technique allows the brain to learn up to 44 words per hour. Learning goals are customized for each user, who is periodically informed of the best time to revise words.


All these applications are available for iOS and Android. Download them now for free!

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