Top 6 Efficient Solutions to Get Adblock to Work with Crunchyroll #2022

The craze for anime lovers is raising day by day. Crunchyroll is one of the most popular websites among amine lovers as it has a massive collection of anime movies and shows. To experience such an amazing collection of animated movies, more than 45 million people visit this website every day. But the annoying ads of it are really bothersome. To get over such an irritating situation some of its users prefer AdBlockers. 

So, here we have added some eminent solutions for you to get Adblock to work with Crunchyroll. 

Solution – 1: Upgrade the AdBlock Extension and Filter Lists

You should keep in mind that outdated Adblock extensions or filter lists are completely unable to work with its updated version. So, in this situation, you need to upgrade your Adblock extension and filter lists to their best recommended version. To complete the updating procedure, you can take the help of any browser. Well, just follow the instruction written below to update your Adblock extension.

  • At first, open the chrome browser from your PC. 
  • Then look on the top to click on the Menu button.
  • Now select the More Tools option and then click on Extensions.
  • Head to the upper right corner, you can see the Developer Mode, just enable the option and then click on the Update button.
  • Visit Crunchyroll and check if ads are blocked or not. If not, then move to the next solution to fix the problem.

Solution – 2: Switch to a Different Browser

If your browser or Adblocking extension is unable to beat Crunchyroll’s ads, then just switch to a different Adblocker. Well, lots of browsers are there and Adblocker extensions. You can choose any among these as you wish. However, you know Crunchyroll is really great to apply various tricks to subdue Adblockers, So, if this solution fails to work, then follow the next solutions.  

Solution – 3: Modify Hosts File to Bypass the Video Streaming Ads

In general, Crunchyroll uses to play ads in a stream. Well, now we will share a great trick with you to avoid such annoying ads. Just change the hosts file. Yes, it will help to stop loading the ads.

    • At first, close your web browser.
    • Then press the Windows key and type Notepad
  • While you see the resulting list, right-click on the first option (Notepad) and then select Run as administrator.
  • Now click on File in the Notepad window, and then click on Open.
  • Here you need to change the file type from Text Document to All Files in the open dialogue box. 
  • Select Hosts from the file that has come up. 
  • Here at the end of the host file add this new line –
  • Save the hosts and just close the file.

This change will basically ask your browser to search the system for ads. From now such irritating ads will not be present there in the system.

Solution – 4: Use Developer Tools to avoid Ads on Crunchyroll

If your selected Adblocker extension becomes unable to block the ads on Crunchyroll, then you should use developer tools of chrome to obstruct the domain that basically serves the advertisements. To do it, just follow the steps written below.

    • Open the chrome browser from your system and go to Crunchyroll.
    • Do right-click on the page and select the option Inspect.
    • To open the Command Drawer you need to press Control+Shift+P.
    • Now you have to type the words “Show Request Blocking” and then press the Enter key.
  • Find out the option of Enable Request Blocking in the new panel and click on it.
  • Now you have to click on the plus button and then type vry. co and click on Ads.

Well, the dev console should be kept open so that it can work and help you to watch Crunchyroll’s shows without advertisements. 

Solution – 5: Reinstall Your Adblocking Extension

If the above solutions fail to work for you and if you are still in search of the solution to get Adblock to work with Crunchyroll, then we recommend you just reinstall your Adblocking extension. It might solve the issue. 

  • To reinstall the Adblocker extension, you need to open your chrome browser first. 
  • Then click on the option More Tools and then click on Extensions.
  • Find the Adblocker Extension option and click on the Remove button. 
  • When it is done, you need to install the Adblocker extension again and just after that, activate the browser’s extension.

Solution – 6: Use a Guest Pass to Experience Crunchyroll Without Ads

The most interesting and easy way to enjoy Crunchyroll without ads is to make use of a guest pass. Yes, it is true. Well, the premium users get a passcode once a month. It is a type of invitation ticket that can be used by anyone who can experience all features of Crunchyroll prime membership for 48 hours. So, you can get this passcode without any hesitation. 

  • To have this guest pass, you need to ask your friends who have Crunchyroll Premium subscriptions. 
  • Otherwise, you can get this from Reddit Weekly Guest Threat or Social Media.

Final words

Here in this article, we have written the solution to enhance your experience with getting Adblock to work with Crunchyroll.


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