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Top 5 Board Games For Your Smartphone #2022

Tired of finding friends willing to play a good old board game with you? We have the solution! In the following list, you will find the best titles in the genre to play alone or with your friends over the internet.

Five handpicked games especially for both major mobile platforms – Android and iOS, with the possibility to find them even in online stores such as Steam, PlayStation Store, Sony console, or even Microsoft Store, which targets both Xbox and PCs. If you like strategy, whether it is predicting the contenders of Kentucky Derby horse race or finishing a 500-hundred-piece puzzle, these games are for you.

Without further ado, check out the listing below.



Catan, or Catan Discoverers, is a well-known strategy game. It was one of the first European-style board games to become known in Europe and boost the fever of modern board games. Its mechanics are quite simple, with very dynamic gameplay that appeals to various types of players. Your goal is to colonize a desert island by developing your own city. For this, you need to get raw materials and compete for space with other players.

The online version is a good adaptation of the physical game, although it is not the best boardgame adaptation out there. For fans of the game, it is possible to play online or against the computer.



One of the most famous modern games, mainly for bringing the theme of zombies, which usually pleases the public a lot. Each player participates in the game as an apocalypse survivor with specific abilities. When starting the game, players choose a rule book mission or any of the many missions available online. The board is set up as indicated on the setup and then players should try to complete the mission without being turned into walking corpses.

With several expansions available, the digital version isn’t ready for multiplayer yet, but it’s a good adaptation and makes for fun times.



A great game for those who like strategy, based on the medieval city of Carcassone in France. Here, your goal is to score more than your opponents, using their meeples in the controlled areas to set up cities, roads, monasteries or fields, all with a medieval theme.

The digital adaptation is one of the best we’ve ever seen, helping not only to keep up with the dynamic pace of the physical game but even allowing for a better view of what’s going on. In addition, all expansions are available (but need to be purchased separately).


Ticket to Ride

The digital version of Ticket to Ride is another great adaptation, especially considering that the original board has lots of details and information. Divided by rounds, with each player taking a turn, the goal is to use their resources to build the largest train line on the map and complete objectives (such as “connecting Seattle and New York” in the US map version).

The digital version also features expansions (sold separately) and allows you to zoom in on the map, highlighting your points of interest, and keeping track of what other players are doing.


Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle puts the player at the center of the Cold War, the political and economic struggle between the US and the USSR, which lasted five decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. Designed by award-winning creators Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews, players control one of the two modern superpowers as they work to spread their dominance around the world through political influences and coup attempts. But if both sides unleash a nuclear war, the game is over!

The game’s event cards are based on actual historical events from the Cold War era. Through these events, players exert influence from their superpowers as they try to gain allies and regional control of the globe.

From the early days of de-Stalinization to the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War and beyond, players are immersed in the real events of the struggle between these two nations to be influential in the world. It is available for Android and iOS.

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