Top 15 Best PS4 Themes of All Time With Music

Top 15 Best PS4 Themes of All Time With Music #2022

PlayStation has been the best and most popular gadget for the gamers that have spent most of their childhood playing over it. With every new edition, the device is bringing more and more advanced features with some enhancement better than the earlier model of the series.

In the initial two devices of this, series were quite basic and simple and there weren’t even much options available. Now we can choose the themes for this gaming console and this customization allows you to flaunt your console as you like. What is great about this device is the availability of plethora of themes for the gadget. Let’s begin with understanding these themes that are offered for PS4 device.

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Red Dead Redemption II Dynamic theme

It is one of the widely used dynamic PS4 themes, which you would surely want to use. The look and feel of this theme has been one of the reasons behind the fame acquired. It has the visual effects along with the sound effects stimulated with the game that will replace the one set as default in the device. You can notice the major characters from game.

Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic theme

This dynamic theme can be considered as popular theme by PS4 that is available with strong vibe from 80s era. The sound effect of this theme gives an energetic feel that won’t feel like a misfit. The background image of this theme offers a scenic view that appears to be subtle and suggestive animation.

Call of Duty: Warzone

You do not need to have any other game from the CoD series to access this theme. When you start playing the game in map served, you will experience yourself in a battle of around 150 people. You can pick any of the two different gameplay modes i.e. Deathmatch and Plunder mode, both of are different from each other.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Launch Dynamic theme

Almost all the players who have played the console games must have given a shot to this great game. It is a free game theme so you can install or download it. This theme comes with the sound as well as visual effects similar to the game. don’t forget to play this game on your PS4 console.

Dark Souls 3: Transitory Land theme

It is a theme that you cannot deny and would surely adore for your device. It will surprise you with its serene, calm and solicitous look and feel. This theme seems to be a symbol of peace, beauty and a kind of thought provoking. Some people might find the character and theme to be slow and dizzy. Players who love neutral colors, this is the best option for them. The theme has a resemblance from primitive medieval age.

The Last of Us Part II Ellie theme

This theme has Ellie from the game standing in between the forest having her rifle ready with her. There is a tense music played in background and the background is still but the camera moves as you shift to the upper menu in your PS4. It slides the icons behind the character Ellie in the theme giving it more of 3D look.

Assassin Creed Odyssey Theme

You maybe sometime in your life have played this great game or may be not but one thing is obvious that you are going to love this action-adventure theme without any doubt. The characters and icons designed in the theme looks like they are a part of the actual game making the look stunning. Therefore it is sure that you will not get disappoint with this.

Blood Sakura Lake HiQ Dynamic theme

Blood Sakura theme has an ecstatic and calm aura nearby it. The background appears like a landscape with beautiful cherry blossom, in the background with red petals that are dropping in the lake in presence of a red like moon. All of this takes us to the Japanese theme with music and similar sound effects.

Alien Laser Cat theme

This theme is a sort of fun theme for your PS4 that you can buy for the screen. The eccentric mishmash of lasers and cats is what you need with a weird sound effect that looks actually great. It appears like a cat meme, which cool. Everything this theme has to offer is exceptional. If you are a fan of laser cat meme, you will be a fan of this.

The Uncharted 4: Thief’s End Shipwreck theme

This theme is not free but is surely amusing and you would love the screen of your PS4 with this theme. Irrespective of the fact that you have played it or not, the theme cannot be resisted. It has fishes floating in water of ocean that seems very soothing and pleasing. If you love, the scenic view of water and its creatures you are gonna love it.

PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme

It is a nostalgic theme that will remind you of the basic edition of the PlayStation series and how it has evolved. The creators of this theme have put many of their efforts into making of it and the minute details will surely make you happy. The theme is quite basic with a simple interface looking screen that it was back some couple of years ago.


It is again a soothing theme with a peaceful view and seems so calm when viewed. It also has some snapshots from what the game offers featuring beautiful views from sunset. The music is again very soothing for you mind. There are a number of reasons to use this theme in spite of being paid.


This is again a paid theme but you will find a number of reasons to use this theme on the screen of your PS4. The visual plus sound effects of this theme are a bit different from rest and it is perfect too. This offers various features. It might not be from a famous game but has ability to please you.

Far Cry 5 theme

It will bring out a calm tone out of you. It is the best suitable for people who love to see smoky effects and haze. If you are also one of those, you should try this theme on your device.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 1st Anniversary theme

This theme was developed after the successful completion of 1 year of this popular adventure is perfect for the already known and even for those who haven’t played I ever. This theme is something that can be tolerated easily. So just, try it once.

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