Top 10 Free IDM Alternatives That You Can Try In March #2022

IDM is one of the most popular download manager. The mey features of IDM download speed acceleration, download resume, scheduled downloading, video grabber, browser integration etc. The limitation is that  IDM is only available for Windows. And the software is paid you will  have to buy a license that comes at $24.95. However, free trial fir 30-day is available. If you are searching for the alternative of IDM than read the following list of top 10 free IDM alternatives that you can try.



JDownloader is a free download manager which consists some open sourced parts. The features of JDownloader are following. It has most of the useful features as present in IDM. For example, we can resume our downloads from where we had left, we can set limitations of bandwidth on our downloads and apply different themes. It can operate in many languages that means it is multilingual as IDM.

One of the amazing features of JDownloader is that it can solve aome of the CAPTCHA by itself. We can download JDownloader on Windows, Linux, Mac, or any other OS based on Java. It is free to download. Platform on which JDownloader is available : Windows, macOS, Linux, OS based on Java.



FlashGet is a really very fast download manager which can accelerate our download speed up to 10 times the normal speed. We can compare FlashGet to IDM’s 5 times download speed. Some similar features of FlashGet to IDM are, you can create unlimited download categories and can call or run your Antivirus program automatically after the finishing of the downloads. FlashGet has an integrated offline reader as well. Browser integration is top notch, it is one of the biggest competition in the IDM alternatives. It is free to download, and available on windows.



This is a lightweight download manager called EagleGet. It is available for Windows only. EagleGet has some features like IDM for example it has scheduling download, accelerated download speed which may go upto 6 times and applying themes. EagleGet also have setting speed limits and browser integration. EagleGet doesn’t require an additional antivirus program on your computer whereas the IDM requires an antivirus. However, it has its own malware checker.

This is very light weight nature. It is available for free and right now available gor platform of Windows.



FDM also known as Free Download Manager offers an accelerated downloading experience. It is a  solid competitor of IDM because it is free. One of the most amazing feature of it is its organize downloads efficiently so that we can download even larger files really fast without any disturbance. We can resume our download where we had left and we can also control torrent as well. Free Download Manager works with most of the platform. It is free to download and available on platforms like Windows, macOS, linux and Android.


Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator is another very good download manager and a good alternative of IDM. It comes with  many features like scheduled downloading(we can schedule our downloads), multilingual support, MP3 downloading, videos downloading, accelerated downloading up to 5 times, and we can also adjust themes. It is very similar to the IDM in features but it is absolutely free for personal use unlike IDM. But if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you can buy the Pro version of Internet Download Accelerator which will cost you $9.95 as a single user. This pro version gives you rid of the ads with many other interesting and useful features. It is available on the Windows.


uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager is a free download manager. It is an open-source project that was launched in 2003. It has all the basic features of download manager. uGet Download Manager  is a lightweight application available on a large number of different platforms. Similar to the IDM, uGet Download Manager  is capable of downloading multiple files at the same time, resuming paused downloads option and scheduling downloads option is also available. Its source code is uploaded on sourceforge, which is assurance of the security.

It is free to download.  Available on various platforms i.e.  Windows, Linux, macOS.



DownThemAll!is very compatible with Firefox browser. You can add-on this to your browser. DownThemAll offers have similar features like IDM like one-click download, categorized downloading, here download acceleration is up to 4 times, and download resume option is also available. We can use DownThemAll! on any platform that supports Firefox unlike IDK which only work on windows. This  one definitely worth a try.

 Free to download Available on Firefox


Download Ninja

We can say taht Download Ninja is DownThemAll alternative for Google Chrome. This is a very good alternative of IDM. You need not to download it to use, you can just simply add it to the browser and you are ready to use it. All the similar features to IDM like speed limiting, multilingual support, themes, download resume, and download acceleration are also available on Download Ninja.

One of the outstanding feature of it is the option to shred the data and metadata of your downloads for the privacy purposes. It is definitely one of the best download managers available fir your  Windows PC or Mac.

 It is free to download and available for chrome.


Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager Claims download speed of 500% and that too without bringing any complexity into the mix . It gives neck to neck competition to IDM. The reason of the downloading speed is the  use of sophisticated segmentation algorithm, connection reuse, and data compression. It can easily be integrated with other browsers as well.

It is free to download  Platforms on which it is available macOS, Windows, and Linux.



If you  prefer and are comfortable withCLI then aria2 is for you. It easily supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink etc. We can download a film by multiple sources for maximum utilization from aria2.

Key features of area 2 are DHT, PEX,web-seeding, selective downloads, encryption, magnet URI,  local peer discovery, and UDP tracker. The size of this lightweight download manager is just 4MB. You should definitely use it.

Available on platforms like OS X, Windows, and Android


Conclusion :

Hopefully you have found a good alternative of IDM which is not paid or very little paid for the pro versions. With so much of similar features like IDM plus much more. All these above listed top 10 free IDM alternatives that you can try are really good option for you. They are better in many ways considering they are free and compatible with many browsers and OS.

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