Top 10 Free Android Apps To Edit Videos For YouTube And Instagram [#2022]

 People love to make videos on Instagram and Youtube, they even earn from there. For making your video more attractive you need to edit it after shooting. Of course, it is not easy to make and upload videos for YouTube and Instagram if you want a good review and return you have to work hard for it.

Video editing application helps you to do that. It helps you to enhance the quality of the video, edit it by using filters, cut, paste, spin, split, edit, and many more. 

Well in the earlier days video editing apps were only compatible with desktop applications, but as soon as the mobile phone RAM and ROM are increasing it also works on Mobile phones on Android and IOS devices. And the best part is to you can use these applications free. Yes totally free. 

Although at the time of editing various questions occurs in our mind. Which to choose which to not, which applications gives you the perfect features which you are looking for. 

So in this article, we will discuss some applications with their complete features that can easily work on your Android and IOS devices. 


1. iMovie

Well, this application is only for IOS users, for professional editing. At the current time, it supports 4k multi editing features, filters and allows you to edit it with Music, which is free. You don’t need to be a pro for editing from this application. Let’s talk about’s features. 

Highlighted features 
  • Beginner-friendly application
  • Works on all latest devices
  • Let you edit free music into the video 
  • Provide various themes, in various niches such as Sports, travel, comics, love and many more. So that you can save your efforts while editing. 
  • Comes with regular updates by IOS.
  • Doesn’t cost a single rupee for IOS users to use it.


2. KineMaster

If you know something about video editing then KineMaster can be a helpful video editing application for professionals, which comes with professional-grade tools, and exciting control of the user. The most amazing feature of Kinemaster is that it allows you to export videos directly from Youtube. 

Features of KineMaster
  • Promotes uses of media from different platforms with the feature of Drag and Drop.
  • Provides transitions, voiceovers, texts and many more features.
  • Multiple videos feature images, texts, videos and so on.
  • Multi tracking with advanced feature 
  • Watermarks issue, in free versions 
  • Minor Glitches

3. Filmora

Compatible with Android devices, with all the multi-features of editing, trimming, cutting, adding themes into it, background and many more. Made for perfectly designing social media videos as it gives square video facility 1:1 for Instagram, 16:09 video for other social applications like Youtube, allows you to make a reverse video, transactions, Slow motion, edit text and many more. 

  • Edit and preview at the same time. 
  • Can take photos from the social media platform 
  • Huge collection of demanding templates. 
  • Professional kit. 
  • Extreme attractive offers in Pro version
  • You will get the watermark of the application at the end of the edited video 
  • There is no guide for beginners on how to use templates.


4. InShot

Costing – $ 2.99 month, $29.99 lifetime. And the free version is also available.

The easy video editor doesn’t last with the watermark. With no such add interference in the mid. Along with this, there is a need for watching a single ad so that you can get a watermark-free video. From crop, trim to merging, themes, and template it has every feature to edit your video. 

Highlight Features 
  • In house sound effects for your video 
  • Fast, easy and hassle-free with features 
  • Need to watch the video and pay for removing the watermark
  • Fewer features as compared to others.


5. VideoShow 

Costing – free until you turned it to Pro or Upgraded version / for upgraded version $135.19 Yearly.

The application works on a hassle-free note are easy and contain a lot of features. Works with Android devices, more themes, features like, resizing video, compressing and many more. 

Highlighted features 
  • Blurred background, audio enhancement features, and allows you to play with sound. 
  • Sound conversation allows as like Mp3
  • Latest editing features 
  • Watermark if you owns a free version 
  • Loss of quality 
  • Glitches while sharing it with third parties.


6. Quick

Costing – free until you can choose a paid version.

It works Fast and free, for android phones. Allows you to make short videos, features of automatic creation of videos and many more.

  • Drag save if don’t want to edit right now
  • Quality choices 1080p to 720 p 
  • Easy, advanced feature 
  • Can’t operate this app on every device


7. Funimate 

Costing – free until you choose any plan.

It has a unique interface, as it gives you the feature of making fun videos for social media. Memes, Vlog, short loop video and many more.

Funimate also works like other social media platforms frames you can make accounts here and follow people. 

  • Make collab videos with other users. 
  • 100+ video effects 
  • Easy with various presets 
  •  Some software glitches.


8. Vivamate 

Costing – Free / If you choose an upgraded version – $3.99 a Month.

The most famous editing application for social media platforms is via mate. Get the professional video from your android phone. Fully loaded with stickers, filters, animated clips, edit subtitles and many more. Cutting, trimming, merging, pasting and other tools. 

  • Huge variety of templates to edit your video, themes 
  • Easy collage makers from photos and videos. 
  • Easy interference
  • Works with every format.
Cons :

The free version contains a lot of adds


9. Magisto

The users who don’t have any experience in editing can use this video exciting applications to become pros. It provides a lot of features such as combining video clips, photos, videos, text and various. 

Works with easy features as you have to just select the music and one or more video clips, and the video will automatically be built. 

Features of this application 
  • Work automatically 
  • Direct share of the social media platform 
  • Advanced tools for Youtubers Vloggers. 
  • Auto Inbuilt AI for adding the most interesting fragment into the video. 
  • Best for the new users 
  • No more features to use manually.


10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Costing – Free until you purchase a pro version or for the Pro version – $53.9 Month.

Fast and effortless video editing application for android users. The best part of this application is that it allows you to save your video without the watermark. Well in the language of Adobe they started this application for “Online Video Creators” while designing they completely take care of the features which are most required by the social media creators. Along with the video can be directly shared with other platforms media platforms from the application. 

  • The audio tool helps you in sound ducking. Hassle-free editing
  • Add free
  •  Provides thumbnail for YouTube and Instagram 
  • Video effects such as zoom, slow motion, color effect, and many more.
  • Free for the beginners 
  • Don’t allow us to use full features without a purchased version. 

Final words

After getting to know about these applications, exciting would be a cup of tea for you. You can also make your videos more attractive by using these filters and features. Thank you. 

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