Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In Bangalore #2022

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka located on the Deccan plateau in the south – east part of Karnataka. Bangalore is the 5th largest city in India and 3rd most populous city.

The city is popularly known as “The Silicon Valley of India” and is the nation’s leading IT employer and exporter. Bangalore has always seen a very diverse population, especially since modern times.

Bangalore is witnessing a tremendous growth in industry, trade and commerce leading to a rapid growth of the city and large scale urbanization. The population of Bangalore city stands at around 9.0 million as per 2011 census records.

This growth is due to several factors, such as good infrastructure facilities, availability of abundant technical manpower and skilled labour and sound scientific and industrial base, a salubrious climate, and in recent times due to the coming of age of Information Technology (IT) which, today is the prime driving force, fuelling the growth of Bangalore city.

While most of the infrastructure aspects such as energy supply, urban water supply and sewerage system, road, rail and air network, telecommunication systems etc. are reasonably met with in Bangalore.

What is a composite rank?

In statistics, and particularly psychometrics, composite scores are calculated from data in multiple variables in order to form reliable and valid measures of latent, theoretical constructs. The variables which are combined to form a composite score should be related to one another.

Here we listed best  Engineering Colleges In Bangalore with the composite rank.

Ramaiah Institute of Technology

58 Composite Rank (2019)
Ramaiah Institute Of Technology

BMS College of Engineering

65 Composite Rank (2019)

BMS College Of Engineering

IIIT Bangalore – International Institute of Information Technology

86 Composite Rank (2019)

IIIT Bangalore

MVIT- Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

88 Composite Rank (2019)

MVIT- Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

M.V.J. College of Engineering – MVJCE

101 Composite Rank (2019)

M.V.J. College of Engineering

RVCE Bangalore – R.V. College of Engineering

103 Composite Rank (2019)

RVCE Bangalore

M. S. Engineering College – MSEC

152 Composite Rank (2019)

M. S. Engineering College

SIT – Sambhram Institute of Technology

163 Composite Rank (2019)

SIT - Sambhram Institute of Technology

BMS Institute of Technology and Management

175 Composite Rank (2019)

BMS Institute of Technology and Management

HKBK College of Engineering

178 Composite Rank (2019)

HKBK College of Engineering


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