Best Software That Are Identical To Irfanview

Top 10 best Software that are Identical to Irfanview in #2022

Everyone in this era love to click his best and unique images with great quality and resolution. But sometimes it’s not possible, for this there are several software available in the market that makes this work easier. Such software helps you view your image, edit it however you like, change the background, edit the focus, etc. Irfanview is one of such popular software that gives you benefit of editing and viewing an image. It is a very simple yet effective software that is not bulky and is comparatively easier to use.

Irfanview has all the features from basic to professional including editing, scanning, viewing, creation of slideshows etc. for images. The great advantage of this software is that it allows you to view the history of the works you did in it.

Some similar software that can be used as an alternative for the Irfanview


It is one of the popular softwares available in the market that provides facility of editing, organizing and sharing of image files with others. Picasa’s basic features give the advantages for managing the images that is still hard to find in other software. It helps the user to manage the files in the form of an album on their system and can be easily found. It is one of the best alternatives to Irfanview software fir editing and managing the images.



XnView is available for free and can be used to view, edit and even resize the images.It helps in the conversion of single as well as batch of images of all formats.It is available for Operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.XnView enable you to work with any image format and serve you with the results that are our of your expectations.



It is an amazing alternative to Irfanview and is available for Mac OS. It was actually created for the professional image editors and developers or designers, but still beginners can also use the software. It has features that includes availability several tools, multiple image effects, shaping tools, painting tool, tools for rectifying and adjusting the colours. It makes the use of layer based editing. It is available in free as well as premium version.


Adobe Photoshop Express

It is simple but specific to industry standards for the image editing and managing. It is an open source software and available for every image format. It enables image editing, retouching, and assembling photos and collage of images with just a click for creating something that is unique and innovative. It provides a comprehensive cloud of tools and effects that are fun to use. It helps to sharpen and edit it with precision that makes the photos look great.



his software like Irfanview and others too support images of all formats and can be used for JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF image format.It is a tool that do not have much features but it is very fast, can help in balancing the colours, brightness and contrast. The image can also be cropped with this software. It is simple and powerful tool that has all the basic image editing equipment and help to perform real time image editing.


Fast Stone Image Viewer

When people desire to transfer the images from their camera they might find difficulty in viewing editing, whereas Fast Stone Image Viewer has been a boon here as it works with all of the file formats available in cameras. Fast Stone is available for Windows and is free to use for all. It is user friendly like Irfanview and is fast, and can even manage and convert images.



It is an online web based software for editing and sharing images to design amazing and great images. It provides you to use several editing tools like frames, stickers, text, filters, cropping images and aperture addition. The software is available for free but some of its features are accessible in the pro version only. It gives the accessibility even without downloading it. It is a software that enables a user to turn out a basic image to a stunning one.


Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is the product of Microsoft launched for Windows OS and was the replacement of the old Windows Photo viewer. The software help users in editing, viewing all kinds of digital images. It also authorize users to share the photos. Similar to Irfanview, it also provides feature of organising, retouching, editing the image with highly advanced features. Despite such features it is still lagging behind by the features like face tagging plus map view.



Polarr is one of the best editing tools for images and is highly advanced. The features of the Polarr enable a user to customize the editing in a way that image is edited like a professional editor. It helps in integrating all the editing requirements of a user and is really powerful tool. Just like Irfanview, Polarr is also available in free as well as pro version. It is online photo editor that is compatible to iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.



Originallybuilt by now-defunct light crafts, is an open source image editing software. It can handle image editing of various RAW formats quite effectively and efficiently. LightZone is handy and can help in creating stunning images. It provides the basic editing features including viewing, editing, opening, printing, browsing or managing. Since it has the feature of printing so you need not to have any printing software for the same. It is compatible with almost all scanners and printers.



Irfanview has features of almost all image editing software and is a powerful tool for image scanning, organising, managing, viewing, printing and much more. The feature of viewing editing history enables to visit the changes one has made and resuming the editing process from there.

Along with editing of images, Irfanview can also play audio and video. The Irfanview software is very compact and fast in performance. It was created by Irfan Škiljan. It can handle image of any format and support multiple of languages. Thus is an amazing software in the world of image editing.

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