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Top 10 Australian Traditional Food you Must Know #2022

If you are traveling to Australia and want to explore Australian culture then you should definitely try some of the traditional Australian food that is widely popular. Since food is an important part of any culture and it varies from one place to another that is why you should try all the local Australian food. We have picked some of the top Australian food that you should definitely try if you are visiting the country soon.

1. Chicken parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana
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This authentic Australian chicken dish is loved by everyone who has ever tasted it and that is why you will find this dish on almost every menu of Australian pubs and restaurants. Although it has Italian American roots but Australians have adopted this dish with their own flavor and made it so much more special and delicious. It was originally made with eggplant (it is still available and a very good option for vegetarians) but over a long period of time, it has evolved into a chicken dish that is topped with source, melted cheese and prosciutto ham (feels a little fancy but delicious). It is typically served with chips and salad ( some like chips on the side while others prefer on the side). You should definitely try this authentic Australian chicken dish.

2. Vegemite

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It is really ironic to say that people hate this but since you are exploring Australian culture and it’s food then you should at least try it once. Vegemite is a paste that is made from various vegetables, yeast extract and with lots of spice additives. If you have tried Marmite from the UK then you will find it similar (Marmite also has a reputation of hate it or love it). Like another paste, it can also be eaten with bread or toast with butter. Traditionally Australians eat it with avocado, tomato or cheese ( we strongly advise you to not try it with them). It tastes really salty with no sugar at all, try it a little bit and see if you find it tasty or not!

3. Tim tams

Tim tams
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You will these delicious chocolate biscuits in every traveler’s backpack. These are the popular Australian snack that is being loved by everyone from kids to adults. Eat it with tea, coffee or hot chocolate usually Australians eat it diagonally, through its corners but you can find your own way to enjoy it. You can dip it but make sure you eat these before they fall in your drinks and enjoy it’s gooey and warm chocolate. It is really hard to stop at one biscuit and the chances are you can get addictive to these.

4. Barbequed snags (aka sausage)

Barbequed snags
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It has become a fact that Australians love to grill and most importantly they love good barbequed stuff! And what will be better than some nicely barbeque sausages. You will definitely try some of the popular barbeque sausages, traditionally Australians make it with beef or pork but you can try it with any kind of meat as you like. You can eat these sausages with bread on the sides, a layer of fried onions and sauce. You will find the best beef snags Wollongong.
PS – don’t forget to try this popular Australian food.

5. Lamingtons

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There is a reason why Lamingtons are known as the national cake of Australia! It is named after a former governor of Australia Lord Lamington. It is voted as the iconic dish of Australia by the trust of Queensland! It is a square-shaped sponge that is being dipped in a thick layer of chocolate and coated with desiccated coconut (we are sure you are already in love with this popular Australian sweet!). The good news is it comes in a variety of flavors including two layers and cream and jam filling. You can have them with tea or coffee. You can find these in most of the bakeries, cafes and cake shops.

6. Meat pies

Meat pies
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This traditional Australian food is really popular. Although Americans are not very fond of this and some may find it disgusting but again not everyone’s taste is the same! That is why it is recommended that you should at least try it once. Usually, pies are made with fruit filling (probably that is the reason why Americans find it weird) but Australians have really taken pies to the best step by filling them with hot saucy meat. You can find it in almost every corner shops, bakeries or in the supermarket. Australians offer a variety of pies with the filling of minced meat, mushrooms onions, and cheese. You can just take it and eat it on your way or have it in your room late at night, either way, you are gonna enjoy this popular Australian food.

7. Anzac biscuits

Anzac biscuits
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ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand army corps that have fought together during World War I. The biscuits are made and eaten on the ANZAC republic holiday in Australia to celebrate the soldiers who have fought for Australia. During the war, the wives used to make these biscuits to send them off to their men at war. The reason behind this is they were cheap to make and stay fresh for a longer period of time. The core ingredients of these biscuits are oats, coconut, and golden syrup.

8. Fish and chips

Fish and chips
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There is no way you can leave the country without trying the most popular traditional food If Australia. Australian fish and chips are in my opinion are the best (no offense to English fish and chips). The fact that the entire country is surrounded by the ocean it is not that hard to believe that you will get a good piece of fish in every bite!

9. Pavlova

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There is still a dispute between Australia and New Zealand over who invented this famous dish. It was created in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova’s visit to Australia. It has a crispy meringue crust, light fruit filling and wiped cream topping. It is an after-dinner sweet dish that has gained wide popularity.

10. Barramundi

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If you have tried this traditional Australian dish then we can guarantee you, you will forget about every fish dish! It is made with the fish barramundi ( large-scaled fish). You can have it grilled, steaked or seared skin side. It is healthy as well as delicious. You can find it in Queensland.

So these were the popular traditional food in Australia that you can’t afford to miss. Whether you like these or not they deserve at least a try on your Australian visit. And don’t forget to introduce this Australian food to your foreigner friends. 

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