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10 Amazing Tools for Live Streamers On YouTube And Twitch #2022

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Since streaming has become a popular thing now, streamers do need some tools to make their work worth watching for their audience. And to become the best streamer everyone needs help and that’s where these streamer tools come in handy!
We have gone through a number of tools and listed out the best one for you! So take a look at our article and find out which are the best tool for streamers (both beginners and pro!).

1 Streamlabs

Streamlabs is definitely a must-have tool for streamers nowadays! Streamlabls is a kind of donation tool which helps you to easily interact with your viewers and help you increase YouTube or Twitch revenue! Streamlabs allows donation transactions through PayPal, credit card, Skrill, and so on. This is the reason why streamlabs have become every streamer’s favorite tool because less complication your donation method is, more you will receive from your audience.
Streamlabs will notify you whenever someone has donated so that you can personally thank the person! It’s easy to use too, here all you have to do is to go on and log in by clicking on it and that’s it! No matter you are a beginner or professional streamer we highly recommend this steamer tool!

2 Stream Legend

If you wanna make your content exciting and interactive then stream legend is a perfect tool for the job. This is an RPG extension for Twitch which will allow communities to build guild together and let them make quests.
It allows you to bring your viewers into a competition where they compete with each other and easily engage with you. Sure it’s a unique way to making your content interesting and it will definitely boost the viewership! Another great thing is they not only can compete against each other but they can work together too.
You can just go to its official site and where you can easily play with your viewers! For small streamers, this tool is a way to make their mark and do something new with their viewers!

3 Exclusive content for subscribers

You can get the idea from its name, and it is exactly what it sounds. Exclusive content for subscribers is one the best tool for streets which will allow streamers to make some original and exclusive content for their audiences.
It’s no secret that exclusive content is the key to success for any streamer and this tool will help you do that easily. The more exclusive your content will be, the more viewers will come back to your page. So do use this tool to make your viewers special with some exclusive content!

4 SuperChat

SuperChar is another great tool for streamers which will help streamers in the collection of donations from its audience. SuperChat is available for YouTube only and if you are streaming on YouTube this might be the best tool for you.
You know how viewers can interact with streamers by sending messages, well this tool will allow them to make a donation through the messages too. And their donation amount will be highlighted in the chat (of course the highlight of message demand upon the amount of donation!)
Although you can only this tool if you are over 18 and you have at least a thousand subscribers along with 4k hours of content play. Additionally, YouTube will take 30% of your donations to itself.

5 Stream elements

Stream elements is another popular tool among streamers as it provided them with many features which will have the engagement of streamers with their viewers! This is a kind of donation tool that also allows you to make great content for streaming.
Here viewers can easily make a donation via PayPal or credit card with no complications at all. Additionally, it provides free content that will help you personalize your streaming. You can increase the engagement with your viewers via its built-in chatbots, overlays, personalized alerts etc! Here users upload the content which is meant to help the community of streamers! The management of Stream Elements is really easy and you won’t regret using it!

6 TwitchTracker

If you are looking for the best management and analytical tool for Twitch then TwitchTracker should be your first choice. This tool allows it’s users to easily analyze the data on Twitch. You can see the number of current followers and subscribers, most played games during streaming, along with full summary and more!
The comparison features of this tool is just phenomenal where you can easily analyze the statics. It’s easy to use and intuitive interface makes it one of the best tool for streamers on Twitch!

7 Phantom bot

Phantom bot is also a popular tool for streamers on Twitch, where this tool allows you to reward your loyal viewers. Here you will get some moderation in comments, raffle, song requests and more. Just show off your skills and create something good out of it for yourself!

8 Nightbot
Nightbot definitely deserves a good place in our best tools for streamers list. As it’s one of the most popular chatbot tool for both YouTube and Twitch. The tool allows you to customize your chatbox and many more functions along with that. You will find some popular chat features like spam filters, song requests.

9 Crowd Control

If you are worried about your engagement with your viewers during streaming then Crowd Control might be the best solution for you. Here you can easily increase your engagement with your viewers by making them participate in the game during you are streaming it. It will allow your viewers to send you in-game items too.

10 Botissimo

Botissimo is also a popular tool among streamers on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. Mainly it’s popular because it is available for three leading streaming platform. It’s too a chatbot tool so you can easily do some moderation!

These are our top ten picks for the best tool for streamers. It doesn’t matter if you have just started or you are in it for a while now, these tools are definitely something you should have!