the Importance Of Great Editing

To Record Is Human, To Edit Is Divine. Read To Know The Importance Of Great Editing #2022

Shooting a video, be it a music video, marketing campaign video, corporate video, or any business-related video undergoes the following crucial stages before it can finally be considered for broadcasting –

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Pre-production and production are the stages that primarily affect the lens records. Post-production is commonly known as the editing stage. No matter how careful you are, raw footage often has its imperfections that can only be fixed through intricate editing.

Every single stage involved in video production is important. A good cameraman doesn’t ruin a single shot, while a decent director ensures that the scenes are organized and informative enough. A video editor trims, edits, dubs, soundtracks your video to produce a final broadcast-ready piece.

Importance of Editing

Despite an excellent video production crew, all the diligence put in video production can all be rendered redundant if you fail to edit your video to create a masterpiece.

To understand why video editing is truly significant, here are certain points to consider –

1. Scripting a Storyline

While the director decides a story and shoots accordingly, the task of ensuring that the intended script comes out beautifully is all on the editor. The story would act as a guide for further developments and add-ons to include in the video.

The story, as narrated by the director, is one thing and implementing it the other. The editor must ensure that the story description in the final clip is not stretched, but rather on point and informative.

Hence, drafting a story is paramount as it would act as the basic structural framework to work around and edit the video accordingly. It would act as a set of guidelines on when to cut or add a scene.

2. Organization and Fluidity

If the crew you have is excellent and is potent enough to shoot an immaculate video clip, you still would notice a lack of fluidity and proper organization that can only be corrected in the post-production process.

Consider a scenario where you are shooting an important scene, and out of nowhere, an unprecedented situation arises and ruins it. Not only does it cause massive delays, but it also creates an abrupt bump in the video, something that can only be made right in the editing process.

In a fraction of a second, the perfect shot that you were anticipating can be ruined entirely. The primary job of the editor is then to amend and refine it so that the fluidity of the shot is maintained.

An editor organizes the video in compliance with the director, producer, cinematographer, and the other crew involved in the shooting. Refining the video content through cuts, pace, and sound makes a film that leaves the audience awestruck.

3. Trimming and Cutting

When it comes down to achieving the immaculate flow desired in the video content, the way is through trimming and cutting extra shots.

This step mainly involves picking a start and end time and eliminating all unwanted shots in between, all while making it look clean and smooth.

Importance Of Great Editing

However, there is more to it than you’d think. To make your video’s flow ideal, shots need to be cut and trimmed at the perfect time.

If you cut the video too early, you end up with an immediate stop that is a major put-off. Cut it a little too late, and your shot would look immensely delayed, causing your audience to lose interest.

InVideo is one of the best free online video editor to help you achieve desired results when it comes to editing the most intricate of details and eliminating undesired factors.

4. Transitions and Animations

Transitions are one of the most important steps while editing the video. Without a timed transition, the chances of ending up with a jumpy, uncomfortably fast mess are inevitable.

Video editing is what makes these transitions smooth and pleasing to watch. The flow and smoothness are kept intact by the editor by using transitions and appropriate animations in between shots.

Transitions indeed keep the pace of the film controlled. Pace alterations are all handled by transitions.

Animations and other visual effects that can give major renovations include continuity editing, coloring, layering, as-well-as sound editing. Hence, it’s important to rejuvenate your video content by using add-ons and proper editing.

InVideo is a free video editing software that enables you to choose templates, edit, trim, add sound effects, and much more so your final clip comes out refined and elegant.

5. Sound Editing

Video editing not only includes trimming, clipping, cutting, or superimposing shots, but also sounds and voice-overs. Editing on a video is both visual and auditory, to create a perfect shot.

Often while trimming, the video and audio can go out of sync, or unexpected noises from the shooting set can ruin an otherwise visually perfect shot. Hence, audio corrections need to be done once the trimming phase is done.

Tweaking volume levels and synchronizing audio with video clips primarily constitute the sound editing phase. Sound editing is a major game-changer while setting the mood and tapping into emotions of the audience.

Changing the background soundtrack for a video clip can often alter the way a person interprets the scene. Sound editing can help trigger the desired emotions and navigate the audience in directions that the director intends.

6. Inclusion of Text

While video and sound editing does most of the job of refining the final clip, the inclusion of dialogues and texts must be done to make the video more informative and engaging.

Including texts in a video provides a meticulous and self-explanatory outlook to its audience. Sometimes, even video and audio trimming cannot make the video any more descriptive, the text does the job of steering and guiding the audience in the right direction.

It is important to note that a person must keep the texts transient as prolonged paragraphs can easily distract the attention of the audience from the primary subject.

Final Words

Video editing is crucial as it holds the key to blending images and sounds to make the viewers feel emotionally connected and render a real-time experience while streaming.

Video editing indeed is amongst the most important jobs in the film industry. It is as significant as the pre-production and production steps involved.

With professional video editing, you can produce an emotion-evoking masterpiece and is considered critical when it comes to minimizing errors endured while recording.

This is why it’s just as important to pick the right video editor as you are entrusting your video content to it. A video editing tool will lay the foundations for an impeccable final video clip rendered successfully.

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