10 Tips for Hair growth

10 Tips Grow Your Hair In 15 Days #2022

Having great hair is a blessing, though some are blessed with naturally long and healthy hair most of us have to work for that. With a little effort, you can to achieve the hair you desire. Long and healthy hair just adds quality in our personality and make us look more beautiful than ever. We have some tips that can help you to grow your hair.

1. Balanced diet

Your hair health doesn’t just depend on what shampoo you use, but rather ist is more dependent on what foods you take. A balanced diet is directly proportional to your hair growth and health. If you want to grow your hair you have to take a little extra care of your diet. First thing you wanna add to your meal is some proteins like fish, beans, nuts and meat. If you are vegetarian then you can skip meat but make sure you take protein-rich food and vegetables. Also, add vitamin A, C and E. Adding some iron and omega3 rich food will also contribute to hair growth.

2. Trimming your hair!

It is a popular hair growth tip, and you must have heard of it. Though some may think why would we cut our hair if all we want is longer hair! But trimming will eliminate split ends and rough hair tips that mean you will have healthy hair and that boost your hair growth. Eliminating split ends will give your hair smoother and shinier hair.on average, you should get a trim within every 3-4 months.

3. Massage your scalp

Messaging your scalp is a great way to boost your hair growth and it makes them stronger too. Massage your scalp with coconut or almond oil at least twice a week. And if you are too busy you can always apply oil to your hair at night and wash them in the morning. Leaving the oil for overnight will do wonders go your hair. When you massage your scalp it stimulates blood circulation and strengthens your hair from the root. It also feels great to massage your scalp and it also works as a natural conditioner. A hot oil massage is a great way to make your hair healthy.
You can also brush your hair to distributes its natural oil, brushing your hair will keep them moisturized and make your scalp healthier.

4. Schedule your hair wash day

Many of us believe that washing our hair with shampoo is an effective way to enhance your hair growth, but it causes more harm than good. By washing your hair daily you are eliminating the natural essential oil that is required for hair growth. Your scalp has some natural oil that goes through your hair length to the tips and keep it moist. You will just make your hair dry by washing it every day and that results in damaged hair. Experts say washing your hair three to four times a week is more than enough by doing that you will let your hairs to hydrate and repair itself!

5. Skip over styling.

Over styling, your hair is never good for its health and it will only lead to frizz and broken hair. If you just need to style your hairs try lowering your temperature and use heat protection products. Just be natural and let your hair breathe

6. Don’t use hot water

By washing your hair with hot water you are making it prone to frizziness. If you live in a chilly area then you can at least rinse your with cold water that will help strengthen your hair cuticle and help in hair growth.

7. Don’t be stressed

If you are doing everything right for your hair and it still isn’t helping to grow your hair then it must be your high-stress levels. Studies have shown that high-stress level always results in hair fall. If you are stressed you won’t grow at anagen state and that will result in hair loss and hair damage. You can do yoga, meditation or any other work out to release your stress and relax your mind. Mental health is very important for your hair growth.

8. Condition your hair

Conditioning your hair is very important after every wash. You may think it is a waste of time but deep condition is directly related to good hair growth. By conditioning your hair you will seal the hair cuticles that will make your hair grow longer. It helps keep all the proteins inside the hair shaft that boost hair growth. Choose any good hair conditioner and use a good amount of it after every wash.

9. Take some supplements

Taking some supplements is the best decision you could make for your hair. A supplement like a biotin or multivitamin tablets are easily available in the market, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that may be absent in your diet. It is an easy thing to do that will help your hair to grow faster and have good hair health.

Drink more water:  it is very important to keep your hair hydrated all the time. Drink at least 7 glasses of water a day. Drinking water in enough amount is very important to your overall body and hair health.

10.  Pamper your hair.

Make sure you give a little time to yourself and your hair. Your hairs need a little extra care to become longer and flawless. Use natural hair packs that are chemical-free and enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. You can use simple ingredients that are easily available in your houses like avocado, egg, honey or yogurt. You can watch tutorials about how to make a natural hair mask. It will leave your hair moisturized and smooth. You can also go for a hair spa once in a month that will make you feel a lot better and help in hair growth.

Other than these tips you can also try to switch your pillow covers to satin or silk. These are really simple and easy tips that you can adapt and achieve your desired hair length. But remember hair growth doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and don is too hard on yourself.

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