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50+ Puzzle Games On Steam #2022

Are you bored with all the action of shooter games? Do you want some change? We may have an alternative for those cliche games, which will give you a hard time and make you think and give your brain a hard time. And these games are puzzle games, yes you heard it right puzzle games are one of the best games that you can play and improve your brain skills!
In this article, we are particularly gonna talk about the best puzzle games on steam. We have gone through many puzzle games and found you the best one on our list. These games are played by us and then when have rounded up the best ones for you so that you don’t have to trouble yourself. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.
Puzzle games are one of the best ways to spend some time and boost your logic skills. And if you are the one who thinks that we can solve any puzzle then these games are definitely for you! So let’s take a look at the article and find which one is the best puzzle game for you!

Here ate the list of best puzzle games on steam:-

  1. Portal 2
  2. The Talos
  3. Portal
  4. Antichamber
  5. SpaceChem
  6. Hexcells
  7. The Swapper
  8. Infinifactory
  9. Fez
  10. TIS-100
  11. Opus
  12. Gunpoint
  13. Pony Island
  14. Besiege
  15. HuniePop
  16. Papers,
  17. Supraland
  18. Brothers: A
  19. Ibb and Obb
  20. Hexcells
  21. Stephen’s
  22. Trine
  23. Quantum
  24. Everyday
  25. Thomas Was
  26. Legend of
  27. Phoenix
  28. The Sexy
  29. Battle Chef
  30. Poly Bridge
  31. The Cave
  32. Papo & Yo
  33. Life Goes On
  34. Glass
  35. Exapunks
  36. Mad Father
  37. OneShot
  38. Desktop
  39. To the Moon
  40. Escape Goat
  41. Enigmatis 2:
  43. What Never
  44. Zup! 8
  45. Zup! X
  46. Zup! 9
  47. The Darkside
  48. Crazy
  49. Zup! 2
  50. Zup! 6
  51. Zup! 7

Conclusion: so we have listed all the best puzzle games on steam that you can find and these games have everything that you look for in the best puzzle game. We hope you have liked our article and you have found the best puzzle game for yourself!

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