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15+ Best Steam Games Under 1 Dollar #2022

You can’t deny the fact that there are hundreds of steam game which gets you everything you can look for. There are games that you can play when you feel like show off your shooting skills, there are games when you feel like living the speed, there are games that you can play when you wanna survive the odds.


What more, you can experience every emotion with hundreds of choices that you can play on steam. From racing games to survival action thriller games you can find everything.


But at what cost? All these amazing games can be heavy on your pocket. All these games can be a bit expensive and you may need to spend a lot. But thinking that all the games are equally expensive is just a myth, the thing is you can find games that cost as low as 1 dollar. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.


Yes, you heard it right there are games that come with low cost and can be fun too. You may or may not believe this, but these games are super fun all you have to do is find them. To help you, we have rounded up the best steam games under 1 dollar that you can play and easily buy.

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Let’s take a look at the best steam games under 1 dollar so that you can choose whatever you like the best –


Steam games under 1 dollar:-


Handsome Mr. Frog ($0.82 )

Best Steam Games Under 1 Dollar - Handsome Mr. Frog

Handsome Mr. Frog is an arcade-action game and it is a single-screen or 2D action game in which players can take control of Mr. Frog. It has a great level and you can defeat every enemy in order to move on to the next level.


ROD: Revolt of Defense($0.82)

Revolt Of Defense. Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Revolt of defense is an experimental game and full of strategy. Here, you can find artifacts or treasure maps and build your base on a flying platform. Attack on against enemies and save the universe.


Timberman Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Timberman is a highly addictive game in retro-style and it is an old-school game. Become a timberman, you can chop wood and avoid the branches. It is very simple to play but difficult to master. It provides you four different environments and eight timbermen to unlock.



Mountain Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Mountain is an ambient procedural mountain game. When you first start the game you will have to draw some pictures related to certain topics and after that, your mountain will be generated.



Hook Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

The hook is a wonderful and simple game. The goal is to remove the hooks in the correct way. There are a hundred levels and it is a very fun and wonderful game.


Cats are Liquid($0.59)

Cats Are Liquid Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Cats are Liquid provide you better environment and 2D platformer about a liquid cat and her buddies.
You play as the cat, in a place built just for you and your companions. You get to go on an elegant adventure with them where nothing goes unfair and everything is excellent, as long as your companions stay there, straight by your side.



Feesh Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Feesh is a minimalist gallery game where you can play as a little microbe that equals a fish. The technician is easy-eat minor feesh to get bigger, and ignore occurring eaten by larger feesh. Specific feesh have different capacities; Red clams make you minor, and the jellyfish can hurt you. Exist long enough, and you’ll develop! But try not to get generally appointed.


Bit Blaster XL($0.58)

Bit Blaster XL Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Bit Blaster XL’ to be a minor, re-playable, arcade record-chaser game where the only missions are to always hit your previous score and you can unlock some extra ships.


Gun Done($0.58)

Gun Done Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Gun Done – it is a trifler grandstand game about strong heroes, which battle against each other under the hot sun and stiff rain. You know these heroes, do you? And there’s a wonderful pixel area, weather impacts, wonderful sound. In this here many game modes and you can play any of them, unique cowboys to play too!


They Breathe ($0.49)

They Breathe Steam Games Under 1 Dollar


They Breathe is a brief journey into the deeps of a forest filled with water. As you swim deeper, it is up to you to make out the rules of an indirect ecosystem where nothing is as it first appears, and where everyone is after the equal important resource oxygen!


Munin ($0.49)

Munin Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Imagine, you could move mountains With practical physics, revolving platforms, Norse runes and a lot of grey sections you will help Munin, Odin’s messenger in her own 2D-journey, to restore her power on a trip through Yggdrasil.


Rush ($0.49)


Rush is the twisted puzzle mind game. It is a very simple and amazing game to play and it has great graphics and goals. It is a perfect game for you when you want to play something interesting.


Pinkman ($0.49)

Pinkman Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Pinkman is a rapid-action game about a missing man with pink skin. Pinkman is put in a deadly dream world called -The Mind, where many hooks will try to cut your body in half when you fight to discover what happened and protect yourself active. Run, jump and fart through a minimalistic and colorfull environment to find the reality.


 Tick Tock Isle ($0.49)

Tick Tock Isle Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Tick Tock Isle is a nice small adventure game with easy controls, where you go between time moments opened by a year to obtain stuff and solve targets.


Iggy’s Egg Adventure ($0.49)

Iggy’s Egg Adventure Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Iggy’s Egg Adventure is a wonderful platformer. Here, You play as Iggy, a baby Velociraptor who must save his mother from her evil troglodyte captors while obtaining as various of her eggs as you can along with the manner. Iggy’s Egg Adventure has a traditional platform realize with stylized 3D-graphics on a current gaming device.


CreaVures ($0.49)

CreaVures Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

This game is a stunning game with the best graphics. CreaVures always travel in sets, and they must use their unique capacities to help each other solve fascinating strategic puzzles.


Catch a Falling Star ($0.49)

Catch A Falling Star Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

Catch a Falling Star is an informal and calming game where the goal is to grab falling stars and total points. An entertainment and relaxing game with wonderful graphics and soothing music which is perfect for when you want to play something interesting.


The Juicer ($0.49)

The Juicer Steam Games Under 1 Dollar

The Juicer is the colorful, fascinating shooter game that will give you an actual quantity of adrenaline. You can play this free fruit shooting game.


So these are the best steam games under 1 dollar, you can buy them without paying a fortune. They are interesting and they are unique and you will definitely have fun playing them.

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