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SPIDER LIFT Is It Worth The Price? #2022

A lot of emerging companies do not have the budget to buy boom or spider lifts. When aerial work platforms initially entered the construction industry, the costs were too much to absorb by companies. However, thanks to industrial services that offer spider lift hire, small and medium enterprises do not have to worry anymore about purchasing one as they can rent services, especially if it is for occasional use.


Is it worth it to buy new construction equipment?


Deciding whether to purchase industrial machinery is a decision that you should consider carefully. A general rule in the construction industry is that if you use equipment less than 70% of working time, you should opt to consider renting. However, if you think a spider lift can operationally exceed the company’s operation rate, then you should consider leasing or buying the equipment, given that you have enough funds to purchase one because it is not going to be cheap.


Also, another consideration you should make is how versatile the piece of equipment is. Can you use it for different workloads and even boost productivity? If you’re not sure, here are some of the ways where you can use a spider lift.


What is a spider lift?


Spider lifts are commonly known as the tracked boom lifts. This construction equipment is perfect for different scenarios. It works best outdoors, uneven ground, and other external operative needs that are located on very high ground.


Caterpillar track is mounting this machine, making it very lightweight and won’t damage floorings and tiles. It can move through unpaved roads and uneven grounds and offers to reach up to 25-50 meters high. Companies offering spider lift hire have compact dimensions allowing easy travel, especially places with limited spaces and doorways.


Optimal usage of a spider lift and its characteristics


  • Tracked boom lifts are configurable according to the client’s needs. Configuring options may include remote wire controls, power options, and width adjustments – perfect if you have limited space for storage.
  • Spider lifts can operate under extreme temperatures, cold or hot. It can simplify tasks relating to building maintenance, tree trimming, and construction on unpaved and rugged roads.
  • Some models are best and often used to clean windows of tall infrastructures. Aside from cleaning, its great reach of height can help you decorate offices, cathedrals, and even your house.
  • A spider lift is user-friendly, and a beginner can efficiently operate it.
  • Spider lifts are durable for outdoor use but also best for indoor usage because of its adjustable compact size.
  • Spider lifts have several hinges that can extend and work its way through hurdles.
  • This piece of machinery can carry more or less 200 pounds making heavy work very efficient.
  • Spider lifts have higher mobility compared to other lifting equipment. You can easily transport it on a trailer.
  • The newer models are also very compact; you can put it on a truck.


In using heavy machinery, it is best to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. It means that before operating a machine, whether they claim it to be perfectly safe, start by first making sure that all of the parts of the equipment are in good order. When you’ve decided to rent instead of purchasing, be sure you ask for the instruction manual detailing what to inspect before using.


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