Best Software That Are Identical To VLC Media Player

10 Best Software That Are Identical To VLC Media Player #2022

VLC Media Player is an open-source media player available for playing music, videos, movies developed for desktop and mobile platforms. VLC can be easily found in any of the App Store, Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

VLC can play all kinds of video content because it is a packet-based media player. It sometimes gives trouble in playing broken files and can damage the speakers. But due to Rebuilding Font Cache, you might need some software that can be the alternatives for it. So below are the mentioned 10 Best Software similar to VLC media player that can be a great choice.

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5K Player

It is a Windows media player and is important of the 10 best software similar to VLC media player.5K Player is capable of playing all the music and video formats without using any kind of plugins. It can download any kind of video from any video website. It also has an inbuilt air play support. 5K player is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. It is an open-source media player and is very easy to utilize. With this media player, you can create your own customized media library.


This media player is compatible to Windows, Android and Mac OS. It supports all types of file formats and runs very fast on the computer. It has an inbuilt an immense range of plugins. Once the software is installed, you can choose a theme for its interface. Winamp is available for the free and premium versions and is from 10 best software similar to VLC media player.It has an option for custom install, that help you to select the components you want to install.

KM Player – Alternative of VLC Media Player

It can play all the audio and video files very easily. With this media player, you can view high definition videos on your system. It also has a feature for audio and video effects and can even take screenshots. It supports Windows OS and the software is available in 36 languages. It can play many media formats.  It enables subtitles in multi-languages. It gives the feature of download through YouTube and has support for a blue ray disc.

Pot Player

Pot Player is an efficient but bigger in size than other among 10 best software similar to VLC media player. It has a clear user interface. For utilizing advance mode, go for main or context menu. It can easily fix the problem of the asynchronous soundtrack. You can customize the software with a range of features available. It supports file formats even more than the VLC media player.

Real Player

It has support to a great range of formats of videos.Real Player can support MKV player with the add-ons. It can download online streaming content and can convert the videos to any format. With this media player, you can even share the clips with your Facebook friends. It has great support to mobile devices due to which you can share video and audio files from mobile device to computer systems. It is free to use but if you want to enjoy great features then go for paid version.

Media Player Classic

It is lightweight and fast working software. It can work even with your old PC very efficiently without any issue. It can integrate Skype and download Subtitles and has other eminent features.It gives better audio and support file formats even more than a VLC media player.The Windows platforms compatible to the player are 7, 8, 10 and XP. It has many great features like DVB playback. It is available for free and has large set of extensions and plugins.

DivX Player

It is the only media player that gives HVEC media playback option. You can play high-resolution videos with DivX Player. It supports 4k Ultra High Definition videos. You can organise the content of media with the media library of the player. If you’re looking for a better media player than and one of the 10 best software similar to VLC media player then you must consider DivX Player. Track of private as well as purchase video’s can be tracked with the player. It can help you resume the play of videos from where you have left.


One can place the music directory in this media player and even customize the playlist. It can download music, podcasts, movies and record CD’s. Feature of Wi-Fi syncing is available for Android platform. It can fix the player volume globally and play almost all kind of music formats.The player is open source and free plus the premium version is also available. To make sure that each and every change is updated, it can also scrutinize the system’s hard drive. It also has support for third party plugins. The issue with this is that it’s available only for Windows and has outdated interface.

ACG Player

It is specifically created for Windows 10.ACG Player has a very simple user interface and user is able to control the basic features like volume, or screen size. It is free and open source media player. You can take screenshots with the player and can control the music speed. It is a lightweight software and it’s available on Microsoft app store.

GOM Player

It’s a great option when we talk about 10 best software similar to VLC media player as it can be used a s a DVD player and by downloading the app Android or iOS mobile device can work as a remote control for it. You don’t need to install any kind of plugins. It has support for various language subtitles. It gives very great audio as well as video play quality.

VLC is a great media player but due to some issues, it can affect performance quite often so the above mentioned 10 best software similar to VLC media player can be considered. So you can go for any of the above players in order to enjoy music and video effortlessly.

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