Best Software That Are Identical To iTunes

10 Best Software That Are Identical To iTunes #2022

iTunes has been the best choice when it comes to managing media files. It has been one of the media player that offers media library, app to manage mobile devices and internet radio broadcaster. Since iTunes have been closed by Apple for Mac Operating system, one must be looking for iTunes alternative. So we have brought some of 10 best software similar to iTunes that offers great features. This article is surely going to help the users of Windows, Mac, and Linux OS using which the can listen to a variety of music. Let’s discuss some of the alternatives.

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It’s a great tool to that allows you to manage and organize your own customized music library.MusicBee will help you to import all the music from your iTunes and even you can specify in which folder you want to place the music files. The theme and layout of the player can be easily customised. MusicBee is available for Windows but not on Mac OS. It provides a great user interface and is a lightweight version of Winamp media player.


It is a high definition media player available for Mac OS.Fidelia supports all of the audio file formats and great user interface. It gives the feature to create, organise and manage your media library. It is a media player that is created for audiophiles. Fidelia as one of the 10 best software similar to iTunes, offers third partyaudio plugins to enhance your experience with listening music. It have a overall set of audio tools and is the best alternative to iTunes.


Musique is an open source and user friendly media player. It is quite easy to access even by the kids. With the help of this media player, one can arrange his playlist based on the genres, artist, alphabet or albums. It can provide an interface that is similar to iTunes and that’s why it’s one of the 10 best software similar to iTunes. Being a lightweight player, it can handle even large files and folders very easily. One can search for the music item by its categories like folder, genre etc. It is available in more than 20 international language. It does not modify any music file.


It’s available for free and is compatible to Windows, iOS and Android platforms. When you initially start to use it, it’s black and white layout might gets you upset but once when you use it for a time it will be fun using it. It is widely customisable and support multiple audio formats. Developers can create their own plugins and extensions with this media player. One can play the tracks by importing them to the customised library by browsing. You can create multiple of playlist at one time.



This media player is available for Mac OS and gives a great experience of media management even better than iTunes. It gives features like supporting multiple audio formats, editing tags and many more. User interface of Swinsian is quite responsive as well as designed amazingly and is customisable too. Music files can be easily browsed with it. One can import whole media library to Swinsian from iTunes just with a tap of finger.


This software can easily transfer data and can download videos, make ringtones along with being a great media player. It’s a good android and iOS operating device manager. When we talk about 10 best software similar to iTunes, Syncios is a great call due to the pricing, features and the system requirements. It is a free version available.  It’s used to sync all data and music files with iOS devices and had a very interactive user interface.

Vox Media Player

If you are looking for an alternative to iTunes then Vox can be a great choice and it provides support to multiple audio formats. It can stream videos from any video viewing platform like YouTube, SoundCloud, and several others. It’s premium version is available and it gives amazing music playback. It is a free software and gives feature of playing high definition music.

DearMobiPhone Manager

It is one of the 10 best software similar to iTunes available for Mac OS. With its great user interface, media files can be easily managed. It can create customised ringtones and to transfer them is easy for DearMob without iTunes. It’s trial version is available for free.

It is the first iPhone manager in the world for the transfer of data of iPhone and iPad with Mac. It can easily merge of edit bulk contacts of iPhone.

Media monkey

It can manage videos and music together as a collective can also find the information about tracks that are missing. Music is easily synced with your iOS devices for which you need to have iTunes installed but you never have to open it. You can remove duplicate files with it. It is available for Windows OS only. It has a feature that adjust the volumeautomatically and has a party mode function too that lock it’s UI when it’s used for a public event.

WinX Media Trans

It has a smooth Graphics User Interface and can send your audio, video or any other file from iOS based devices to your Windows based PC. To use it you don’t need to install iTunes in your system, you can start using it by installing. It has video converter and customise ringtones can be created with it. It gives an impressive performance and you can transfer a number of files with this on daily basis.

Everyone has their own preference while going for software but these 10 best software similar to iTunes might help you to make up your mind to decide what you actually want. These alternatives have great features and can help you serve the purpose. Although the features that iTunes offers cannot be challenged but one can check for these when they want to look at alternatives.

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