Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages

Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages #2022

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More than half of the world’s population has access to the internet and out of those nearly 3 billion people are connected to different social media platforms.
It’s so surprising that Facebook was founded way back in 2004 and with less than a couple of decades it has managed to get huge popularity. Today we are gonna discuss such various social media platforms.
Social media has become an important part of our daily life and now we can’t even imagine our life without social media. Social media provide us a medium to connect with other people, no matter where they live. One could be in America and others could be in a village of Asia, it doesn’t matter you will get the updates of everything that is happening in the world or in your friends or relatives’ life through this medium.
Where Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are some of the oldest social media, Instagram and snap chat are also making its mark in today’s generation of life. Social media has emerged very quickly and the young generation is seeming to be obsessed about it!
But everything comes at a price, what is the price of social media? The opinions about social media vary from person to person. Some find it useful but other not so much. Like any other things, social media also has its pros and cons. If we talk about the effects of social media on the life of people it’s a mix of both advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages of social media

We just can’t deny the fact that social media has proven a big help in many cases and the fact that our life totally depends on it is another factor. Social media has it all to offer you be it education or health, social media has made its mark on every sector. Let’s talk about that in greater detail.

#1 Connectivity

social media platforms like facebook, twitter and google have definitely connected us with the world. Gone are the days when we would wait for the calls of our relatives or look for occasions to meet up and ask what’s going on in their life.
Social media has definitely given us a great platform to connect with our friends and family who don’t live in the same city or even in the same country. It has even provided us with a platform where we can meet new people and grow our friend circle.
It doesn’t matter if we ask or not, we will always know what’s happening in the lives of our known.
Not just friends and family we can even connect with those whom we don’t know at all, like our favorite celebrity or a world leader. You can also share your thoughts on various issues with a larger base of people and vice verse.

#2 Social media in education

 it’s not a surprising fact that social media is also a great help for students all around the world. No matter where you or what you wanna learn. If you have access to the internet you will be able to learn and educate yourself better.
Many teachers have come forward and they have decided to teach through any social media platform. And this move has definitely praised by everyone.
In some cases, you can receive such education for free. It’s great that we make most of the social media platform by coming up with such initiatives that will actually bring change in people’s lives.

#3 Updates from different corners of the world.

Yeah, you can actually get any update from any part of the world. You may be in New Jersey and you will know what’s happening in Hong Kong. We receive faster news than any news channel or radio by social media.

#4 Awareness about the ills of society

one great thing that social media has given us is that now people are more open to talking about wrongs and rights. People have used social media to show their grievances and their disapproval for every wrong thing that happens across the world.
Whether it’s a political issue or any taboo, no one scared to show their opinion about it. And in some cases, social media has helped in spreading awareness about so many things.
In fact, many NGOs and social group has connected to social media and provided help.

#4 Business growth

out of its many advantages, this has proven the best one for brands and entrepreneurs. It’s a great platform where you can promote your business and make money in many ways. Social media like Facebook has actually given a platform where people can make money. The publicity of any brand was never this easy as it is with these platforms.

Disadvantages of social media

#1 Privacy issues on social media

the problem being online and sharing your personal life is, everyone will know about you without actually being a friend or family member of yours. With these social media platforms where people are active 24*7, it’s easy to know your location or about your personal life. And one can easily harm you in many ways.

#2 Cyberbullying on social media

one of the worst effects of social media is the negativity that it brings. It’s so easy to comment on something horrible about any person. It almost feels like they are faceless and they can say whatever they want. Cyberbullying has actually ruined the life of some teenagers where they question their self-esteem and their confidence.

#3 Hacking on social media

by hacking your social media account, a person can easily do whatever he wants with your social media account and it will also get them all the information about your personal life. Cases have reported were some internet hackers have hacked the official websites and accounts of famous people just to bully them.

Conclusion: No matter how important social media is, we can’t simply deny the fact that it’s controlling our life. At the same time, it has made our life convenient and easy to some extent. But it’s us who can balance out the cons and pros of social media.
Its won’t be wrong to say that with the help of social media platform we literally have the whole world at our fingertips!