Snapchat Streak? How to Restore Disappeared Snapchat Streak [Guide #2022]

Who doesn’t know about Snapchat, it is one of the most popular social media platforms where users can connect, chat and share photos and videos. The speciality of this app is that the messages and the photos are visible for a short time until the receiver receives them. It contains a lot of filters, effects and lenses that enhance the beauty of your picture or you can also use funny photo filters. This application is available on both Android phones and iOS devices. 

One of the amazing features offered by Snapchat is that it lets you share short videos or photos which are known as snaps and these snaps can be designed by the users according to their preferences. Like they can add filters, effects, drawings and text captions to the photos. Users can make and customize their photos or videos and as required by drawing their images, adding filters, lenses, using emojis or geo-filters. 

Apart from snaps, Snapchat offers an amazing feature that is actively used by most users and they are fond of this feature. Snap streak, you must have heard about this word earlier. This feature allows users to interact with each other in the form of sending photos or videos each day. It involves two persons who share one photo or video every 24 hours. To maintain a streak both the users should send the streak within 24 hours for three consecutive days. 

When you do so for three continuous days a fire emoji will be displayed next to your and your friend’s name. When you keep on sending streaks on regular basis then the day count will appear along with that fire emoji stating. The number of days reflects how many days you are sharing snaps. 

You must be thinking that it is a very easy task to share streaks with your friends or other person but actually no. It is quite difficult to maintain a streak. Sometimes you are not able to send a streak due to personal reasons. Snapchat notifies you that you are about to lose your streak. 

If you don’t share a snap within 24 hours then you will see an hourglass emoji which is a warning that you are going to lose a streak if you will not send a streak in some time. It is like a reminder that very less time is left and you need to share a streak with that person. Sometimes, the reason behind a losing streak is a technical or network issue. 

Rules to Maintain Snapchat Streak

The Snap streak feature doesn’t impose any tough rules. It’s very easy to use Snap streak and only one rule you need to follow is that you and your partner must send photos or videos within 24 hours. To maintain the streak you should continue sending photos or videos. If you discontinue the process you will lose your Snap streak. 

Snapchat is used for other purposes also apart from sending photos and videos. But those activities are not considered Snap streak. Let’s have a look at those activities which are not counted as a Snap streak: 

  • Text conversation between two friends
  • Sharing stories with your followers.
  • Sharing memories with your friends will not count as a Snap streak. 
  • Sending snaps to a group of people will not be considered a Snap streak. 

How to Restore Disappeared Snapchat streak

If you have lost your Snapchat streak due to any reason you can recover it. It doesn’t offer multiple methods to restore the disappeared Snapchat streak but there is a way that lets you restore them. 

But before following this method do note some points: 

  • It doesn’t offer any guarantee that you will restore your Snapchat streak. 
  • This method doesn’t work for multiple streaks. A limit has been set by Snapchat support. 
  • You can appeal for a lost streak regularly. 

If you have followed the rules that means you share one photo or video with your friend each day every 24 hours then also you have lost your streak then follow the below steps to restore it: 

  • Open the Snapchat application and sign in to your account. If you are already signed in then strike on your profile icon given at the top left corner of the page. 
  • After your profile unwraps, go to the settings icon given at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Scroll down the page and navigate to the support section. 
  • Under the section tap on I Need Help and when you do that it will take you to the support page of Snapchat. 
  • Click on Snap streaks. 
  • Now, go to the question What if my Snap streak has gone away but I know we’ve sent a snap (not chat) back and forth within the 24-hour window? And click on the Let us know link given under the question. 
  • Next, under the contact, we choose the option stating I lost my Snap streak or My Snap streaks disappeared. 
  • Now, you will be asked to fill out a form. Type the relevant details like Username, email, phone number, device, friend’s username, and all the other details. 
  • After filling out the form, tap on the send option. 

In case you are getting an hourglass emoji, it means that your streak is going to end and less time is left and you need to send the streak to your friend soon otherwise, you will lose the streak. And for any reason, you have ignored that emoji and that is why the Snapchat streak disappeared. To recover your Snap streak in this situation you need to take the help of the Snapchat support page. Follow the below steps: 

  • Visit the Snapchat support page and click on the Contact Us link given at the left of the page. 
  • Under the What can we help you with? Choose the My Snap streaks disappeared option. 
  • Fill in all the important details in the form and click on send to submit the form. 

The situation is critical and there is no surety that Snapchat will recover your lost snap streak. In the last box, What information should we know? Mention the genuine details about losing your Snap streak. You have to convince Snapchat that you have lost your Snap streak due to some unprecedented situations. Then there might be chances that it will help you to recover it. 

Final Words 

I hope after reading this article you will be able to recover your disappeared Snap streaks. If you are a Snap streak lover and loves to share your activities or photos with your friend then share the streaks with them. But one piece of advice to you is that give attention to the time left and do not let the streak be lost. Enjoy your streak with your streak partner.

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