Best webSites to Download Movie Subtitles (English) for Free

5+ Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles (English) for Free#2022

Watching movies is one of everybody’s favorite things to do. Watching movies with subtitles is one of the necessities of our desire.  Whether you are watching a movie with a different language, or you have hearing problems or sometimes the difficult dialogue all we need is subtitles.
From subtitles, you can learn skills,  improve vocabulary, slang, and helpful to expand knowledge around the countries. So, there are many websites available online, where you can download a subtitle track. We have a really good website to check out which will really make your mind blow. You can download subtitles from popular and obscure movies too. Let us take a look!


Addic7ed  usually you can understand by the name addicted which is for movie addicted people. It offers  you to see the subtitles of movies and episodes. It is one of the best websites to download free subtitles. By signing up, you can search for your favorites. The easiest way to find subtitles for the latest and also for classic ones. And at the top of the page, the latest releases are shown on the RSS feed. You will really addicted to the tool.


Subscene is another great alternative, because of its very popularity and very old website. It has a ton of popular movies, TV shows from all over the world. It offers you to find subtitles in any language. With a simple to use interface, it provides you the easy to operate features. You can search in the search bar, for the movies and posts listed on the home page. It also enables you to request for the subtitles which are not there in the database. Definitely a  great choice to opt.


Open subtitle leading source which allows you to download subtitles for free. The website allows you to search for subtitles in different 50 languages all over the world. Here, you can find anything you are looking for. The website offers you the best quality of subtitles. The principal feature of the website is to advanced search where you can set age, rating, movie year format and also the episode of TV series. A great tool to explore the best.


One of the biggest best site which offers you the  English subtitles on the internet. With over 58,000+ movies and over 6000 +TV serial or episodes available in 2 million subtitles. The simple to use interface and one of the cleanest. The home page of Podnapisi enables you to latest upload subtitles as well as to see from decades ago. The page itself also shows you the best rated or most downloaded uploads. It is a pretty amazing website to use.


A website to search for the older, classic and from the foreign language movie. A simple interface from the decades ago. For DivX, DVD, and HDTV subscribers this is the amazing website. Almost all major languages are available to find subtitles in a wide range. Here, feel free to search for the website by simply keywords, languages, movie name, movie year. By registering you can start to upload on the website. It’s gonna be the best for you.


A great and specific tool to download subtitles. A pretty simple interface to use.It is basically to download movies subtitles only. With this secure and safe website you can search for the movies in multiple language. On the home page ,of the websites  it offers  you the most popular and  recent releases.Alongwith ,it also categorised movies in each language so you can find easily .The website allows you  to search on the search bar  for  everything you want  to search. A really  amazing  website which is free too


These are the finest websites to download subtitles. The website orders  you  to download subtitles   in multiple language. This article  will really help you  out. Please like and comment on the section below.

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