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1 in 10 people worldwide does not have access to safe and clean drinking water!
How can we let this happen? Almost 800 million people are suffering from scarcity of clean and safe water!! And this number keeps growing day by day. Water is our life, our planet is surging because we have water but soon that’s gonna be a wasteland if we didn’t do anything.
When we talk about saving water it’s not just the responsibility of government or environmentalist, it’s a universal responsibility that should be carried out by each and every person on this planet.
Its no surprise that glaciers are melting at double rate and we are facing globalization at its peak. Then what should we do to help our environment? What should we do to save our planet’s precious thing- water? Before answering these questions, we can only say that the responsibility of conserving water begins with you and bringing a change will start with you!
It’s not something we “should” do it has become something that we “must” do if we want the earth to live and if we want our future generation to live in a world where water should be considered as a “renewable” resource!
Before we talk about the water-saving methods or solutions we will first have to talk about why we need to save water? What wrong has happened that leads our planet blue lack of water when 70% of the planet is covered with water!
It’s us who is responsible for this day and the sole reason behind this is we have lacked our understanding of water conservation and we haven’t valued our valuable resource. Human civilization is only to blame for this water scarcity.
Even though our planet’s 70% of the area covered with water, our freshwater resource only counts 3% of it! It’s like we have a whole jug filled with water but you can only drink a spoon out of it! And we are not even able to utilize that spoon of water because we are too busy go waste it and not see how important water is. And if go further out of that 3% half of that water is reserved as ice glaciers or in groundwater!
So it’s clear how important water is and how precious it has become but we are still exploiting it in various manners, from industrial use to agriculture we haven’t left a single opportunity to consume water and we have failed to seek the opportunity to save water!
Polluting the already existing rivers and water bodies is the worst we can do! The freshwater bodies are either filled with pesticides or industrial influx that is affecting human life as well as the aquatic environment.
Let’s talk briefly about the different cause of water scarcity and how can e save water:-

Wastage of water

Wasting water is the main reason why we are suffering from water scarcity. You might throw a glass of water but somewhere in the world, someone has to walk 6-8 km just to collect water so that they can survive! And that water might not even clean or safe to consume. Even your leaky pipes or taps are the reason for wasting hundreds of liters of water that might save someone’s life.
While you take those long showers someone is dying because they can’t access water just to survive. Overwatering the lawns, throwing away freshwater in any manner, washing your car for too long are some of the reasons.
While these are the most common reason for wasting water, they are also something that every individual can control and contribute his efforts in order to save water!
First of all, you should fix every tap or pipe that has been leaking. Turn off the tap while you wash your face or shave or even brushing your teeth. Some other ways that a person can save water are, reduce the number of dishes you use, use a washing machine or dishwasher when it’s full ( if you wash only a t-shirt it will still consume 2700 liters of water! Can we afford that? Definitely no).

Water pollution by industrial discharges!

Another big factor in water scarcity is the industry sector. No matter what kind of industry it, be it a food production industry or textile industry, every industrial work consumes thousands of liters of water in less than a day! Its worrying and what’s more alarming is some industries throw untreated water in water bodies resulting in polluting of that particular water body.
To prevent industrial effluents, our government has to come up with some reforms to save water. They will have to have made some strict laws to save water. Once an untreated waste is being released into a water body it becomes severely polluted and almost toxic for human consumption, which ultimately cuts that water body as a source of freshwater.
Apart from industrial wastes, domestic sewage waste is also becoming a problem for water bodies.
All these situations are highly alarming and now it’s high time to think of the core solutions for saving water. It’s clear that there will be no life if we don’t have enough water and still every day millions of liters of water are being wasted.

Some suggestion to save water


 we do complain about not having enough water but on the other hand, we face huge floods that take hundred of life! Well if come up with some reformable ways to conserve water it might be possible that we can save millions of lives!
We have to store rainwater in such a way that everyone gets benefitted from it. We have to educate people about how to conserve rainwater, and every house should have some tanks where they can conserve rainwater.
We can come up with many solutions but what will actually help to save water is when you decide to save water. If you want to change the world then first change yourself and contribute little efforts to save water, it can as little as stopping the tap or as big as constructing tanks to preserve rainwater.
“Save water save lives!”

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