Best Racing Games On Steam

9 Best Racing Games On Steam #2022

Now, who doesn’t love racing games? I guess we all can agree that racing games are the best stress buster. Racing games don’t need a strategy or weapons or even your actions all you have to be good at is speed and of course your controls. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.
Today we are gonna tell you the best racing games on steam which can be addictive because they all are that good! So let’s find out which are the best racing games on steam.

1 Project CARS 2

The first best racing game on steam is projected CARS 2, it has won millions of hearts with its leading racing simulation and it is one of the most popular ranch g franchise on steam! You will find 140 tracks that have been picked up from different locations. Also, there are 189 cars to choose from and each one is better than another.
Each track varies from each other in terms of temperature and weather dynamics, ao you will have to drive carefully keeping the surrounding atmosphere in mind. It features a live track 3.0 system. All the cars are picked up from luxurious brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar and so on.
It supports the triple screen and up to 12k resolution that leads to its stunning visual effects. Overall you will definitely enjoy the fun of racing.

2 FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2 is a highly rated racing game on steam. The reason for its massive popularity among the audience could be because it lets them drive recklessly almost everywhere. There is nothing that you would complain about, the game is just another definition of perfection.
If you like driving in challenging surrounding then this one is made for you, as they offer you locations like desserts or you can test your driving skills in a massive storm, narrow streets.
There will be some opponents that you will have to deal with, knock them before they do and feel free to ram your car into theirs. This game is no place for responsible drivers so play it on your risk and see if your as good driver as you think of yourself!

3 Dirt rally

If you want an adrenaline rush then this should be the best racing game on steam for you! This game is best known for its dangerous turns and ultra-realistic racing. The developers have beautifully recreated the famous really stages for you to race on.
Dirt rally can be played both on single-player mode or on a multiplayer mode to give a competition to your friend. It’s a progressive game where you have to earn a reputation for yourself while managing your team. Also, there are lots of new vehicles that you will have to unlock! So its gonna be a super fun racing game and that is why you should definitely play this one.

4 Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is best known for its entertaining racing mechanics. It features an advanced DirectX 11 graphics engine that has produced an immersive environment, dynamic lighting with some real material.
They have used laser techniques so that their players will get full accuracy. Career mode is available along with some challenges and exciting events. You can also find a multiplayer mode that features quick races.

5 Redout

If you love detailed graphics and intense gameplay and then redo it is a perfect racing game on steam for you. This game is literally a mix of games like F-zero, wipeout, so there are chances that you are gonna addicted to this.
You will drive on different terrains including coastlines, frozen tracks, desserts, and even marshes so your driving skills should be on top!


Have you ever imagined of driving a car at the speed of 1000 kph? Well if yes then here is an absolute treat for you! You can literally drive at this speed and raise the adrenal level! Everything is just on point in this game from awesome soundtracks that will make you feel you are on a real race track to its creative design!
There are a few weapons and power-ups present that can be used by players to defeat their opponent and stay at the top of there game. There are 8 vehicles available and they are really fun to drive!

7 Carmageddon 2: Carpocaplypse now

Armageddon 2 is one of those games which is based on just one aim and that is destruction! Nothing is simple about this game, from racing tracks to the way in which you defeat your opponent.
There are 10 missions that feature missions full of crashes and explosions. It is anything but an average racing game and that is why we have placed it on our list of best racing game on steam!

8 Gas Guzzlers Extreme

If you wanna take your racing game on the next level then this might be the perfect racing game on steam for you! You will not find mere sports or fancy cars but the makers of this game have equipped them with large guns and extreme weapons.
The players have to go through battles and arena races where they earn some money and upgrade their low-performance vehicles into high-performance and high tech vehicles as they progress in the game!

9 The crew

The crew is one of of the best and popular racing games on steam that takes its players to an open-world environment where they explore many locations with their neat vehicles. The players will witness every location be it a coastline or dessert.
You will be able to participate in some of the high octane contests where you will gain some of the best moments, which you can easily save and share! Overall it’s a fun racing game on steam that you can rely on if you like vehicles and speed!

We have tried to include different types of racing games on steam on our list. You will find everything that you can look for, so the next time you are looking for the best racing game on steam you know which one to pick!

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