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5 Best Tips To Get Better At Pubg Game #2022

Who isn’t a fan of pubg? Well, we know the answer! Nowadays everyone is going gaga over this game. But it’s not easy to be at the top among 100 other players. Pubg really tests your gaming skills and keep you engage for hours. We know how important and satisfying the chicken dinner is, that is why we have bought you a list of tips that will help you win the game. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

1. Choose a perfect destination to land.

If you have just started this game, you will be confused where to land, although there isn’t a right Ir wrong place go land some places increases your chance to survive. Many believe the west coastal area is better than others as many people avoid it, which specifically means less competition at the start and you will find some tools to help you. Whereas if you are looking for a high loot area you should land on a military base or power plant

2. Play safe!

At first, try to gear up weapons and highly powerful snipers but keep in mind others are trying to grab weapons to so make sure you play safe as long as you don’t have enough weapons. Your first priority should be grabbing some decent weapons like ammo and any reasonable armor as well a backpack (from level 1to 3) you can also pick some grenade. It’s always safe to be fully equipped with good weapons. Try to take level 3 helmet as its the best for protecting you and also the level armor but it’s rare to find, you can also use level 2 armor until you find the best one.
First aid kits are as important as the weapons, also keep all the band-aid, painkillers as they will help you in the pinch.

3. Hide and shoot!

Don’t take a risk by just shooting randomly, if you miss out you will grab attention and someone might kill you right away. Always hide in bushes and then set your focus and shoot. An AWM rifle is always the best choice for shooting long shots, and if you don’t have then don’t try long shots. Hiding in bushes give you more chances to shoot someone, if lay there unnoticed someone might cross right beside you and you shoot them without being noticed.

4. Keep an eye on the map

If you are new to this game, it might take some time to finally understand the map. You may already know the importance of circle, if stay out of for a little bit longer you will eventually die. As you know it starts shrinking after a while, so keep an eye on that.

5. Choose vehicles over your legs

It’s not rocket science that we can rely on vehicles when we have to get somewhere faster, the same law goes for pubg. Always choose a vehicle then running. But there are 99 other players that too want vehicles so when you find one just use that before its too late.

Pubg may seem hard but that’s what makes it more thrilling and the most loved game. So just be careful of a while and you will ace it after a while.

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