PUBG Mobile Game Top 15 Most Powerful Weapons

PUBG Mobile Game Top 15 Most Powerful Weapons #2022

PUBG is one of the popular games that is played all over the world. Players Of Unknown Battle Grounds is a battle game that played by most of the gamers. Many game streamers over YouTube even stream the gameplay of Pubg Mobil game. It offers a variety of weapons or armaments to fight against your enemy in the battle.

It is a game that has changed the mobile gaming world thoroughly. People are getting addicted to this game irrespective of the demographics they belong. It has a popularity in all age groups, gender, region or country. Let us get introduced to what top weapons PUBG mobile is offering to its gamers.


M416 is a great choice of weapon, which is quite popular among the players of PUBG mobile. This is an assault rifle that is similar to Groza weapon and wreaks comparatively less damage with each shot. It is however easy to control and is highly flexible to use, which becomes its point of popularity. It is easy to access for the shots in short distance and long distance as well.


M24 is a deadly and powerful weapon, can be considered as a stronger edition of the “Kar98”, and has even more damage range. It is suitable for both short and long distance target. It is available only for the loot beaters and are now displayed on maps. Its damage range is 79, which is higher than Kar98. You get several slots for the magazine, muzzle and scope.


It can be called as most strongest gun found in Pubg, however it has been left behind by two ARs due to its situation based use. It causes damage of range 120, which signifies it can kill anyone in just one shot. It has the longest damage range in PUBG mobile but it arrives with high refill and animation time. It has a magazine that can grip 5 bullets extended up to 7.


It comes as one of the best weapons in PUBG mobile because of being such strongest, one could ever find. You will only get it in supply crate and given the capability to known down your enemy. It is used in against of the enemy’s vehicle therefore it has a significant value for the players. It can hold over 75 magazines but with 6 fold scope.


The reason for mentioning AKM on the list of most powerful weapons of PUBG mobile game is that it can make the highest damage in just a single shot. If you love headshots, this should be picked. Thus, what you need is a good scope and a single fire mode to kill whosoever comes in path.


If you are playing PUBG from sometime, you must have realized the importance of this weapon. But you might not be knowing that just by employing the right set of magazine and stock, this basic weapon can become so powerful that it can do severe destructions to the rivals. It is a commendable weapon for the close range strikes.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy is a handy and intense PUBG mobile weapon that can do good demolitions. It has been added recently to the game and is quite functional when you need to cover while entering or exiting a location in game. it lasts just for 10 seconds which implies it is enough time for you to exit a scene where it is hazardous for you.


UMP9 is perhaps the best weapon in PUBG mobile world and best SMG to be located. The important thing to know about this weapon is that while firing the shot from this weapon, the player can also get hurt while shooting the opponent. You can use it by pairing up with the sniper, which makes it a suitable secondary weapon.


It is one of those powerful weapons of PUBG mobile, which you can rely on. It is best suitable for the medium range shots and you can trust upon this for safety.  It might not be best choice for single shots but it is quite impressive for auto fire.


It is again a suitable option as a PUBG mobile weapon that have a special place in the game. it is useful when you land on the urban area. It can cause maximum damage to your opponent within the 15 yards distance. Players can even operate this gun weapon in duos or squads.


Kar98K is one of the best Sniper Rifles available in PUBG mobile and one of the best options to pick. Gamers prefer this since it can fire multiple shots simultaneously in a row. It can make anyone its target that is at level one or two helmets. It can even be a fatal weapon if you get a good scope.


It seems to work just like a machine gun more than a rifle. It fire out multiple shots of bullets consecutively at once. It is one of the great short-range weapons, for PUBG mobile that can prove it at times when used.


This weapon is an airdrop loot crate that has quite high fire rate. It has a damage range of is a stable gun that can hold any normal magazine bullets up to 40. It would be a great option to use when enemies try to cross your path leaving you dead midway.

Mini 14

It is a pleasant weapon, you will find in Pubg mobile that has its own peculiarities. It is known for being a long distance weapon if you have a good scope with you. If you hit in a row, you can bring your enemy down. You can rely on this weapon if you don’t have rifles of any other airdrop weapon.


It might be he last of the list but is definitely not the least. It is also a great pick for weapon in pubg mobile game. it is a pistol that can be as good as other weapons. You can use it when you are confused about what to do.

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