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15 Best Split Screen PS4 Games you must Play #2022

If you are a ps4 games fan then you must have played a lot of ps4 games that include both single-player and multiplayer game and you must admit that there is nothing better than playing split-screen with your friends.
When we play games with our friends it makes it a hundred times better, the competitiveness we feel when you are playing against them or the will of the killing of the enemy when you guys play altogether. Sure the single-player game is as fun but you can’t match the greatness of split-screen games.
Split-screen games are basically the games that will allow you to play individually but with your friend either against them or play along with cooperative games.
In this article, we are gonna talk about some of the best ps4 split games that you can find. Sure there are hundreds of games present out there but we all know some of the games are just extraordinary while others just waste our time and disappoint us.
To save you the trouble of finding a good ps4 split-screen games we have bought you the best ps4 split-screen games that you will just love to play with your friends. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.

Here are the  Best Split Screen PS4 Games-


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands The Handsome Collection

Borderlands: The handsome collection is the combination of both Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. This collection is one of the best split-screen PS4 games in the franchise’s history of video games.

PS4 lovers will experience the highest performance and the best graphics in any borderlands games. They made the games in stunning high definition. If you’re into split-screen gaming, this the game you should go for.


Call of Duty: WWII – best split screen ps4 games

Best Split Screen PS4 Games call of duty

If you like to play games that involve the first-person shooter. You’ll love this game. Call of duty – WWII differs from a series of Call of Duty released in 2017. WWII has three playing modes.

  1.  The campaign mode
  2.  The multi-player mode
  3.  Nazi zombies mode

When it comes to local multiplayer mode for Call of Duty. The game offers a lot of choices. You can play split-screen in Nazi Zombies mode too. If you’re interested in playing online with gamers from all over the world. Online multiplayer mode is the best option.


Star Wars Battlefront II – best split screen ps4 games

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Star Wars Battlefront II

They launched Call of Duty WW2 and  Star War Battlefront 2 in the same year. Though the concept of both the games differs, the genre remains the same. Both the games are action shooting games.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a friend to those who enjoy split-screen PS4 games. The spit screen is only available for PS4 and Xbox users, and not for the PC version. The online multiplayer might be the only way to play with friends on PCs.


Resident Evil 6

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Resident Evil 6

Do you love zombies? I mean killing zombies. If yes, you’ll love this game. Resident Evil is one of the most sold games in the gaming history industry. Resident Evil 6 sold over 9 million copies worldwide.

It has one of the best storylines and themes. Speaking about multi-player, unlike other games, resident evil has the easiest split-screen option.

A Way Out – Best Split Screen PS4 Games

Best Split Screen PS4 Games A Way Out

Let’s get straight to the point. Why do you think “A Way Out” is the best split-screen game? Because the game has no single-player option. You can play either online or with a split-screen offline option between two players.

This game is an action-adventure game specially designed for a split-screen multiplayer. To advance in the game, both the characters have to support each other. The storyline is like a movie. Two convicted prisoners have to break out of prison and stay away from authorities.


Redout – 2 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Redout - 2 players

Have you listened to the song Gravity by John Mayer? If you haven’t, go listen to it. It will pull you down. Redout is a racing game that has nothing to do with gravity. In most of the game, you’ll be racing on less gravity or no gravity track.

There are tons of racing modes, and each racing mode is unique. The track might comprise an underwater driveway, tubular tunnels, loops, jumps, and teleporting. You can play with up to 12 players but locally with split-screen only two players are playable.

Grip – 4 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Grip - 4 players ps4

Grip is a combat racing game. It has over 22 tracks in 4 different planets. The weapon in the game is highly destructive. You get weapons like missiles and other explosives to stop your opponent.

You can either face the race alone or you can team up in 5 Arena battle maps. You can also compete with offline split screen and online multiplayers. You also get a single player option campaign in the game

Mantis Burn Racing – 4 players


best split screen game Mantis Burn Racing

Mantis Burn Racing is also another racing game that has some unique features. And it’s one of the best split screen PS4 games. On a split screen up to 4 players can take part in the race and in online mode up to 8 players can play together worldwide.

The feature is amazing, and gamers will love it. The game has an original soundtrack, and the visual is stunning. It’s a high definition racing game.


WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship – 2 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games WRC 7 FIA World Rally

If you want to test your road skills, this game is for you. WRC 7 is one of the toughest games in the racing genre. The road is bumpy and filled with loose gravel. There are huge rocks, trees and cliffs. This game requires pure talent. You’ll need time to be a professional in this game.

WRC7  is basically an online game. And most gamers enjoyed the online rallies. But if you’re looking for a split screen there is a vertical split screen mode that works very well and looks almost as a solo mode.

TrackMania Turbo – 4 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games TrackMania Turbo

Trackmania is another racing game that has a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. The best part about the game is the virtual reality feature. There are over 200 different tracks in 4 different locations.

You’ll be racing in locations named as Roller Coaster lagoon, International stadium, canyon, grand drift and valley down.

Beach Buggy Racing – 4 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Beach Buggy Racing

I am sure most of you have played Beach Buggy on a mobile phone. It’s one of the most popular racing games in phone games. You can also play beach buggy with multiple players on many devices.

When you’re on a split-screen multiplayer mode, you can connect to 2 or more players on your device and run the game. The screen gets divided into multiple small screens for each player.

Horizon Chase Turbo – 4 players

best split screen game Horizon Chase Turbo

The Horizon Chase Turbo game is one of the oldest games. It’s an old school racing game inspired by the world of the 80s and 90s.

These games do not have online multiplayer features. But talking about offline multiplayer, it’s one of the best split-screen PS4 games. You can play with up to 4 players at a time.

Ride 2 – 2 players

Best Split Screen PS4 Games Ride 2 - 2 players 

Ride 2 is a bike racing game that will take you a long time to finish the game. The game gets interesting once you upgrade your bike. It will take the game to the next level.

You can play with a split-screen, but the moment you split the screen the quality gets degraded. This game is best for single players.

Riptide GP

best split screen game Riptide GP

This game is unique because it supports 3 different multiplayer options. But they do not support it on all platforms.

  1. Online Multiplayer – You can either race with random players or invite friends to race with.
  2. VR challenge – Race with friends and set records for each race.
  3. Split Screen Multiplayer – You can race against multiple friends on a single device.

Trials Fusion (and Trials Rising) – 4 players

split screen Trials Fusion

They particularly make trials Fusion and Trail Rising for local multiplayers. The online multiplayer mode has some limitations and doesn’t work well like the local multiplayer mode.

This game is best and made for local multiplayers. If you want to buy a game that you want to play with your friends this is the game you should go for.

Conclusion: so these were the best ps4 split-screen games that we think you will enjoy playing with your games. So if you are planning to play games with your friends next weekend then you can definitely choose some of the few listed games! We hope you liked this article about the best ps4 split-screen games.

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