12+ Best ps4 Boxing Games You Must Play In 2020

12+ Best Ps4 Boxing Games You Must Play 2020

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It doesn’t seem a long ago when we used to do our homework early just to watch those fierce boxing matches. Do you remember when you used to fight with your sibling to get the feel of a real boxing fighter?
You must have had your favorite boxing fighter that you used to imitate but you know what would be best to show the love for boxing is playing ps4 boxing game in your living room either with your friends or against the AI. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.
ps4 boxing games
Boxing game is just another level of fun when we play on ps4 and it definitely becomes 10 times cooler than any other game on any other platform. But do you know which are the best ps4 boxing games? We bet you don’t and that’s why you are here, and you are at the right place for searching the best ps4 games. you may also like pc games less than 500 MB
It’s no secret that we have got much ps4 boxing games present but are the all worth playing? Do they all worth your time and money?  No right, and that’s why we have picked up the best ps4 boxing game from hundreds of games for you so that you can enjoy virtual boxing with your friends or just by yourself.
Take look at the best ps4 boxing game list and choose the boxing game which suits you the best.

EA Sports UFC 3

best boxing game EA Sports UFC 3
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Being a mixed martial art fighting video game it surely deserves a place in our list of best ps4 boxing games. It was developed by EA Canada and published by EA sports in February 2018. The game is based on ultimate fighting championship(UFC) and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this one is the best ps4 boxing game when it comes to realistic physics, sounds, and movements.
The game features many great and unique features from its previous installments in the series, for example, the new addition is the G.O.A.T career mode where you can actually experience the path that leads an average boxing player to the ultimate champion.
boxing games for ps4
It will not only show the player’s journey in the ring but how he manages his professional life buy gaining more fans or build a hype that will make him more and more cash.
Players will also get to play the knockout mode which was introduced in UFC 2. The game is full of amazing graphics and gameplay which is complimented by well-written characters. So you will definitely enjoy this ps4 boxing game!

EA Sports UFC 2

best boxing game EA Sports UFC 2
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EA Sports UFC 2 is as good as its sequel and you will definitely like the game if you have played any of the games from the UFC series.
It’s too a mixed martial arts video game that was released in 2016. Thanks to the first game of EA Sports UFC, the game was already popular before its release and it has fulfilled all the expectations from its fans.
The games feature some of the best UFC fights and there are a total of 250 characters to choose from. The player will be able to customize the fights (like the rules and stuff). The best thing about this ps4 boxing game is players can play various game modes such as career mode and ultimate team mode.
Players can perform so many fighting stunts such as kicks, punches, takedowns and all sorts of attacks. So if you are a fan of boxing games then UFC 2 is a must-play game.

Creed: Rise to glory

best boxing game CreedRise to glory
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Creed: Rise to Glory is a virtual boxing game and it was recently released in 2018. It’s mainly based on Rocky Franchise. The game can be played in both single and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can fight with your friends and show off your boxing skills.
Its career mode will feature a full journey of a player and progress to become the best boxing fighter.
There are 9 characters present which you can choose from. Overall it’s a fun game with some realist graphics and best features at this time, so you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this game.


best boxing game BOXVR
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We bought you another great ps4 boring game and its name is boxvr. It’s a virtual boxing game that you will just love to play as it features 12 new workouts that will just turn you into a personal trainer.
There is so much to do and we are sure you haven’t witnessed a game like this one ever before. It’s 140 minutes long music track will definitely make you get up from that couch and groove. So do a work out while you will be happy after working out.

Drunken Bar Fight

best boxing game drunkn bar
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If you are looking for a silly, rowdy and party game then there could not be a better choice than Drunken Bar Fight game. It’s one of the best ps4 boxing games which is so much fun to play. Just like in real life, the more you drink the more you feel stronger.
You are going to be fighting with every random person at the bar but don’t be too happy because someone can beat you too and you will have to show your boxing skills if you don’t wanna end up in the hospital.
Apart from boxing and fighting it will be fun to throw everything in the bar like the bottles, chairs, darts, tip jars or whatever you can find. As we have mentioned above its a silly game and at the same time its super impressive. So overall it’s a good choice for a ps4 boxing game.

Boxing Apocalypse

best boxing game Boxing Apocalypse
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Sure boxing games are great but do you know what is even greater? Boxing games that are held in space! Yes, you have heard it right, in this ps4 boxing game you are playing the world’s best assassin, but he is locked up in the space prison. The aliens are planning a war on human mankind.
You will have to show your boxing skills to fight for your freedom. But your boxing game has to be on the top if you wanna survive. It’s the best fusion of boxing and sci-if genre so you will enjoy it the most!

Punch Club

best boxing game punch cloub
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Punch Club is a manager based game where players have to manage the boxers by giving them training and preparing them for their next fighting series.
But the storyline of the game takes a turn when the lead character’s father has been murdered. And in order to find out about the killer of his father the player has to gather some clues during the journey while he completes his training and becomes the best boxer.
The game only is played on the single-player mode. And you will have to keep up with three primary factors of the boxer that is strength, agility, and stamina. The game features very strong gameplay and some of the best fighting features.

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So here our list of best ps4 boxing games has ended and we hope you would like these games and play them on a lazy day to make it more fun.

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