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Top 15 Best Presentation Software For Mac #2022

Do you need to create presentations at the office or school? A good design helps your ideas stand out and be read effectively, improving your ability to become a great communicator.

The free program to make presentations gives you access to hundreds of designs so you can create presentations on any subject. You need to choose the perfect images, fonts, and colors for your presentation to spread your message in style! Your friends and colleagues will not believe how great your presentations look.


Keynote application

It is a presentation software program that allows users a dynamic and easy-to-use environment. With a wide variety of new themes, transitions and animations, as well as the ability to control the slide show with iPhone or iPod touch through the remote Keynote application.


Maintains consistency in colors and fonts throughout the presentation, including tables, graphics, and tables. Transitions and construction of 3D slides with OpenGL that resemble rolling cubes or flipped pages, or solvent transitions that make one slide disappear with the next.

Offere Dual display support It allows the export of the files to PDF, QuickTime, Flash, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, HTML that allows the inclusion of images and PowerPoint.



With the Sway web software, we find an alternative to Powerpoint promoted by Microsoft’s own motherhouse. Fundamentally, Sway is simpler than the “original” tool and has the mission of accelerating the creation of presentations.

This digital storytelling application, as also described, is used in the browser and is also available as an application for iOS and Windows 10.  When using Sway, the intention is less to create classic linear presentations than to design interactive reports, Personal stories, and presentations with many graphics.

The tool is technically oriented to web design and, consequently, presentations are not constructed by folios but rather as a web page or a digital magazine, easily integrating the content of other sources such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.


The program automatically adjusts the contents to different visual formats (mobile devices).

In order to use it, however, it is necessary to register with a Microsoft user account, and also it must be taken into account that it can only be used with the tenth version of Windows, so the program denies the download in previous versions of the operating system.


Finally, this aspect is the one that least convinces those most concerned about the private sphere; the presentations are stored on the servers of the motherhouse.



PowToon is an extremely interesting and practical video animation program since your creation will be captivating and entertaining due to the infinite content offered by this platform. You may think at first glance that it is a complicated tool to use. It is similar to the well-known PowerPoint, with the particularity of allowing the incorporation of animated slides.


If what you want is to surprise the audience with a different presentation, this tool, which pursues an unusual principle based on cartoons and storytelling, is well worth a chance. Instead of mere informative data distributed on pages in the traditional bibliographic style, users can explain their ideas through comic characters.


Presentations and animated videos made with it can be integrated into the website itself.



Prezi is perhaps the best-known PowerPoint competitor today, with 85 million users. The innovation brought by the tool is to be able to zoom in and out on different areas of the presentation, which brings movement to your presentations.

Presentation by this software is perfectly suited to present a concept or explain how it works. On the other hand, be careful not to abuse the zoom effects so as not to give seasickness to your audience!

It is important to note that access to this program is free only up to 100MB, which will allow you to create an exhibition with this size.



emaze is One of the best presentation software for MAC This powerful tool. it has some of the best templates for creating online presentations, from which you can choose newspaper articles or advertising posters. One of its main advantages is that you can add a password to your creations and send them by mail or share them on social networks.



It is one of the best programs to make presentations.  This software allows you to add audios and videos to your exhibition and share it directly through social networks or your email. One of its most outstanding advantages is that you can add all the videos you want, without limits.



FlowVella is a cloud-based presentation creation platform that places special emphasis on compatibility with mobile devices. With local installation applications for Mac and iPhone or iPad, centralized software allows presentation creators to create dynamic and interactive content collaboratively from anywhere.


FlowVella authors can create richly intuitive presentations by drag-and-drop editing.

Can add images, including animated GIFs, create galleries and embed PDF documents while drawing an interactive navigation narrative.

The presentation experience can be enriched with audio or sound effects



Its interface is very simple, and the web platform allows you to export the presentations in PowerPoint or PDF. In addition, it has a wide variety of templates with attractive designs to use in your work and surprise your audience



The main attribute of this program is the simplicity of its employment The image quality it provides is one of the most used to create graphics for social networks, resumes, general cards, and online presentations. It has a large number of predetermined designs that will allow you to customize your work according to your taste without the need to have notions of graphic design.


Google Slides

This tool is another of the great possibilities that Google offers in the cloud. With it, you can make the best presentations collaboratively. It offers a lot of themes and sources, in addition to being able to insert amazing videos and animations.



In addition to being able to create your exhibitions with Visme, you can also do other types of work such as info graphics, graphic materials, and other visual content. You can also insert animated text or access free images and many other benefits.



Its motto is “turn your presentations into stories,” and if we look closely at the multiple functions offered, his saying is a reality. This online platform works at Markdown, offering interactive options such as polls and surveys that make it a unique tool and widely used by experts in this field. With a simple link, you can share your work with anyone and on any device.

In addition, its great resources allow students or the audience to participate with their phones or devices by answering online surveys, which makes presentations a more attractive and dynamic experience.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are used by professionals, academics, students, doctors, politicians, and others present material, information, and data. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations incarcerate the real meaning and summarize the key points of reports, review and very complete studies on any subject.

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are used by teachers to add value to their study material and grades Students can use slides and PowerPoint presentations to improve their homework, projects, and other course activities.

The Microsoft PowerPoint presentations platform offers perpetuity of variants using different typefaces, diagrams, graphs, tables or images.


LinkedIn Slideshare

Now that you have the slides ready, it is worth spreading them to increase the scope of your presentation, right? For that, you can use a very good tool, LinkedIn SlideShare, for two reasons:

First, because this is the most used professional network in the world. Therefore, it is a good place to put corporate materials. Second, because the SlideShare platform is very interactive: other users can share and comment on your files.

The best thing is that the website studies these movements and presents the “Statistics” to the creator of the presentation, with data on the reception of the network in relation to the material.



Focusky is a program for Windows and Mac that helps you create online presentations in HTML5 format so you can take them with you. You have the possibility to upload them to your own website comfortably or even to the cloud of the tool itself.

Focusky’s first asset is its endless selection of templates. Secondly, Focusky guides you step by step so that you know at all times what to do to achieve a good presentation.



Presentation software is booming these days, and most of it is free such as Prezi, Bunkr, Google Slides, and others. To help you find the software that suits you, our experts have found the above best presentation tools that will allow you to optimize all your animations.

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