Positive Effects Of Corona Virus On Environment And Social Change

positive effects of corona virus on environment and social change #2022

As globally, across the whole world Amid concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, India imposed a nationwide lockdown from few past days.
Because of its symptoms which is by one infectious person, it spreads to another. So, we all are quarantine in our houses or in our places.
But, it has its positive sides also as an idiom says ‘A Coin has two sides’.Now we are here to make as possible as a positive side we can present to you.



India is home to 21 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities. Air pollution is a very important factor as it kills 4.2 million people every year in the world.

Amid concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, India imposed a nationwide lockdown from few past days. But, as a result, it reduced vehicular traffic, leading to a drop in PM 2.5, Nox levels  Cities have recorded with ‘good’ quality air.  Breathing is easier, skies are blue, spotting more stars.



Being quarantined at home is a golden chance to spend quality time with family.  As we see usually people don’t have too much time as all are busy in offices, being out of the hometown and doing their respective works. But, it is really a good time which can be spent on our love ones. We can maintain our connections with them. We can do play with them and do as much as fun we want.




Fighting from serious disease Coronavirus is a very tough time for all the people of India and of the world. Globally, suffering from the economical crisis as we all are quarantined. But, there is a number of people who do work from their home as many companies implement mandatory and voluntary work from home policies. They are the people we are directly or indirectly dependent upon. From them, the whole countries economy is running.



More Happier

We are always complaining about the time as we all get 24 hours. In the 24 hours period, we have to manage lots of things. Like school, college, offices, household works, and the number of things to do in usual days. And in the end, we have a Sunday left in one day we cannot do all the things.


But now we can do anything which we wanted to do earlier. News, Netflix, social media, tik tok, nurture hobbies, learn skills, cooking food and as on. This is the best meditation meanwhile, now you are supposed to do the things which you want which enjoys you, making you happy. Meditation is all about relaxing and feel refreshed about and you give relax to yourself like this. Be happy and make your surroundings happier too.




Sleep plays a crucial role in the functioning of the immune system, metabolism, and our learning too. Keeping our mind and body healthy, we must take 8 hours of sleep.

It is the process that helps us stock up on energy for the coming day. Being quarantined, you can help yourself to give better sleep. Try in calculating these healthy lifestyle tips in your daily routine. Get an adequate amount of sleep and feel free.



Being hygienic is the most important thing in one’s life. Due to the virus, everyone is being aware of the hygiene uses a mask, sanitizer. These are the things which we should do normally also.


But, because people take everything lightly and not awaken of the things earlier about hygiene. Now, all are using sanitizer, washing hands before going out, coming back in, before having meals.


But, due to not washing hand before and after meals germs attack us in indirect ways make us unhealthy. Keeping distance from the outside people’s.So, somewhere it has its positive sides also. It makes us more hygenic and awakens.




As Coronavirus surges, crime declined. Crime is something from which we all suffering badly. But due to coronavirus it decreases, even declined. Accidents reduced it saves lives too.


Because people are quarantined. We all are safe now. Nobody can harm each other and it is something which we should really appreciate. One life is very important and we can take a lesson from this being quarantined which makes us a proper civilian. By, the accidents and crimes numbers of people give their lives. Respect emotions, stay safe.



Being quarantined, we have a number of options to do. But there are lots of people who work on daily wages it makes millions of people with severe hardships.


Fortunately, our government is there to help them. Government-funded 1.7 lakh crore package to help them by giving money and not making them starving. Nationwide, many people came out and help the poor make them assure however they can. It increases humanity among the people who are really needed to fight against the pandemic virus.



A full lockdown usually means that people must stay at home, if it is seriously important to go out, then go otherwise be at home. Stay at home, help the poor, stay safe. Have fun with your loved ones and the important thing don’t spread fake news on social media. Share your perspective with us. Like and leave your comment if you like our page.

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