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    best instant loan app in india

    Traditional banks take a long time to process personal loan applications, and money lenders are known to charge high-interest rates making the process very dubious. In this whole financial setup, personal loan apps have emerged as an excellent idea to provide safe and hassle-free immediate cash loan in India within 1-hour.    MoneyTap MoneyTap is India’s first app-based credit line. The best part is its no-usage-no-interest feature, which has made taking credit more affordable. Thanks to this feature, you only pay interest on the amount used. It is a personal loan app that provides a line of credit to customers, which works as an instant loan or a credit card. MoneyTap is essentially…

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    best racing games android 2019

    Racing games are among the most popular in all of mobile gaming. It was the first genre to overcome the lack of physical buttons on smartphones well enough that it made the games worth playing. We’ve rounded up the best racing games found in the Google Play Store. With so many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list that covers a whole slew of sub-genres — from stylized arcade racing to highly realistic racing games— so no matter your preference, you should find an outstanding game that’s right for you. Let’s hit the road!  Here are the best racing games for Android. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Price: free size: 1:50…

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    Is sleep tracking apps harmful ?

    What are sleep trackers? Sleep trackers help you track your sleep. You can find them as standalone sleep tracking smartphone apps, or as one of the features included in your fitness tracker or smartwatch. In their most basic form, sleep trackers tell you two things: how long you’ve slept and the quality of your sleep (i.e. whether you woke up during the night at all). Some sleep trackers also offer listening capabilities, monitoring your sleep for sounds of snoring or sleep apnea, and some claim to tell you how much time you spent in various stages of sleep, light or deep. If you’re using a sleep tracking app, you let the phone sleep by you in bed.…